Pinewoods Sweet Whiskey Girl CGCA

Registration#: AKC SR82575306
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 29 APR 2014
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 6.937%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Nancy Edmunds [ Vizcaya ],
Helene Guida [ Pinewood Farm Kennel ],
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Excellent
Elbows: OFA-Normal

OFA: VZ-14615E26F-VPI
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The Weimaraner Pedigrees
Detailed Breeding info
Sire Am GrCh Vizcaya's Whiskey State Of Mind - ID: 68741, (male), 2009-6-6, AKC SR56903107, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Good
Dam Am GrCh Vizcaya's Force Of NatureCGC - ID: 68933, (female), 2009-7-26, AKC SR58246001, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Excellent
Litter 1
Am FC Rushcreek Semper Fi A Cut Above - ID: 96175, (male), 2012-1-18, AKC SR71342501, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Good
  1. PenneyCGC - ID: 531128, (female), 2017-10-19, AKC SS01711711, Shorthair, United States
Full Siblings
  1. RACH Pinewoods Perfect Whiskey ManhattanCD PCD BN RM3 RAE2 FDC OA NAJ AXP AJP NF NFP BCAT ACT2 SCN SIN SEN CGCA CGCU * - ID: 268294, (female), 2014-4-29, AKC SR82575303, Shorthair, United States
Half-Siblings on Sire's side
  1. Vizcaya's Whiskey 'N Grenadine - ID: 101905, (female), 2012-4-15, AKC SR72961705, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Good
  2. Vizcaya's Whiskey Me Away - ID: 274194, (male), 2012-4-15, AKC SR72961706, Shorthair, United States
  3. Fantasy's Red Hot Ace of Diamonds - ID: 186912, (female), 2016-11-27, AKC SR96920902, Shorthair, United States
  4. Vizcaya's Ace Trumps It All - ID: 186913, (male), 2016-11-27, AKC SR96920901, Shorthair, United States
  5. Fantasy's Ace Ventura - ID: 186914, (male), 2016-11-27, AKC SR96920903, Shorthair, United States
  6. Fantasy's Jaeger Ace - ID: 186915, (male), 2016-11-27, AKC SR96920904, Shorthair, United States
  7. Fantasy's Ace of Hearts - ID: 186916, (female), 2016-11-27, AKC SR96920905, Shorthair, United States
Half-Siblings on Dam's side
  1. Pinewood's Special Force - ID: 344880, (male), 2013-9-23, AKC SR79668602, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Good
  2. Am Ch Pinewood's Gale Force Wind - ID: 103997, (female), 2013-9-23, AKC SR79668608, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Good
  3. Boshar N Pinewoods Pink Cadillac At Pura Vida - ID: 520792, (female), 2016-8-31, AKC SR94801702, Shorthair, United States

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