Lada Barben Peg Of My Heart CDX

Registration#: AKC SN35056704
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 25 MAY 1996
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

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Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Marilyn Fitzthum,

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Detailed Breeding info
Sire Am Ch Barben's Seeing Red - ID: 3838, (male), 1993-11-17, AKC SN11585802, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Fair
Dam Am Ch Barben's Foxtrot at Sunset - ID: 3839, (female), 1991-11-9, AKC SM93426907, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Excellent
Full Siblings
  1. Ladanbarben Wild At Heart - ID: 70931, (male), 1996-5-25, AKC SN35056703, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Good
  2. Am Ch Lada Barben Achy Breaky Heart - ID: 3836, (male), 1996-5-25, AKC SN35056706, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Good
Half-Siblings on Sire's side
  1. Quick Point Dakota - ID: 93119, (male), 1996-5-14, AKC SN35166703, Shorthair, United States
  2. Brown's Lady Sandy - ID: 111988, (female), 1996-8-2, AKC SN36860405, Shorthair, United States
  3. Am Ch Barben's Giorgio Red - ID: 10015, (female), 1997-9-10, AKC SN47790303, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Good
  4. Barben's Make Mine RedTD CGC - ID: 62793, (male), 1997-9-10, AKC SN47790307, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Good
  5. Am Ch Barben's Red AlertJH - ID: 9924, (male), 1997-9-10, AKC SN47790301, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Good
Half-Siblings on Dam's side
  1. Am Ch Lada 'N Barben's Broadway Bound - ID: 9994, (female), 1994-12-30, AKC SN21733007, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Excellent
  2. Lada's Cricket On Time Square - ID: 62715, (female), 1994-12-30, AKC SN21733004, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Excellent
  3. Ladas Lady Liberty At Gmfs - ID: 62716, (female), 1994-12-30, AKC SN21733003, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Good
  4. Lada's Rising Sun - ID: 313619, (female), 1998-7-17, AKC SN56255801, Shorthair, United States
  5. Lada's MoonstruckJH - ID: 62717, (female), 1998-7-17, AKC SN56255802, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Good
  6. Lada 'n Barben's Nighthawk - ID: 62718, (male), 1998-7-17, AKC SN56255803, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Good

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