Vizcaya's Accent On Bertsch

Registration#: AKC SR59156201
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 25 AUG 2009
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

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Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Good
Elbows: OFA-Normal

OFA: VZ-12379G24M-PI
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Detailed Breeding info
Sire Vizcaya's Scottish Accent O'remy - ID: 65699, (male), 2003-9-28, AKC SR12340602, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Excellent
Dam Vizcaya's Kickin' Leaves Barefoot - ID: 64971, (female), 2003-4-9, AKC SR07115901, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Good
Full Siblings
Half-Siblings on Sire's side
Half-Siblings on Dam's side
  1. Vizcaya's Ain't That A Kick - ID: 68498, (female), 2005-12-5, AKC SR31389407, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Excellent
  2. Vizcaya's Kickin'szep Gyomber C - ID: 68499, (female), 2005-12-5, AKC SR31389401, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Fair
  3. Vizcaya's Don't Leave Me - ID: 68497, (female), 2006-10-12, AKC SR39710501, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Good
  4. Vizcaya's Be Leave in Pipe Dreams - ID: 315093, (male), 2006-10-12, AKC SR39710502, Shorthair, United States
  5. Vizcaya's Single Leaf Falling - ID: 315094, (male), 2006-10-12, AKC SR39710504, Shorthair, United States
  6. Vizcaya's Leave Me Smilin' - ID: 315095, (female), 2006-10-12, AKC SR39710506, Shorthair, United States
  7. Vizcaya's Playin' Make Beleaf - ID: 315096, (female), 2006-10-12, AKC SR39710507, Shorthair, United States
  8. Vizcaya's Jumpin' In Leaf Piles - ID: 315097, (female), 2006-10-12, AKC SR39710508, Shorthair, United States
  9. Vizcaya's Play to Wynn - ID: 315776, (male), 2007-9-1, AKC SR45215705, Shorthair, United States
  10. Vizcaya's Gone With the Wynn - ID: 400079, (male), 2007-9-1, AKC SR45215703, Shorthair, United States
  11. Vizcaya's Rocket Red Glare - ID: 68501, (male), 2008-7-4, AKC SR50744201, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Excellent

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