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name sire dam sex birth year
C & N's Diamonds Royal FlushTrigger Copper IX female 2002
C And C's GunnerNick's Samson Bullet Pheasant Poppers Penny male 2000
C And C's Macey GraceMingus Khan Of Valhalla Valhalla's Tia Maria Cosmo D female 2000
C And J's Rebel Rouser SloanRebel Rouser Duke Rockbrook's Samantha male 1975
C And K GingerRupps Rebel Saudi Walts Sammie Sis female 1998
C And N's Ace In The HoleSir Daniel Houdini Of Utah Brown's Princess Anne Of Utah male
C J King's PeteBoerner's Romney Sasha Boerner's Romney Gingersnap male 1969
C K JaneTouchdown Kid Shiloh's Happy Go Lucky female 2014
C Mo's Annie OakleyC Mo's Ruger Coleman Dot Com female 2007
C Mo's RugerWinneshiek Kota Sattre's Praire Smoke male 2005
C Mullen's SandyHamilton's King Cole Gizela Lynnhurst Szakas female 1968
C P GoldieRex B Tisza Cindy's Penny female 1963
C S A B A IIIReginald II Panni of Pancsova male 1973
C-Atos Av MiessevárriKövecsesparti Jago Funny Farms Régi Álom male 2003
C-Bar Country AmberGarnder's Pistol Pete Gardner's Annie Oakley female
C-Bar Country DukeArch Duke Raki Migs male 1998
C-Bar Country GoldieArch Duke Raki Migs female 1998
C-Bar Country RudyNorth Star Polaris Jake North Star Spica female
C-Bar Country RustyKnight's Duke Nites Betsy Ross male 1998
C-Bar Country SamieArch Duke Raki Migs female 1998
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