Casabamba Chola

Sex: female
Date of Birth: 3 SEP 2001
Date of Death: 2 SEP 2012
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Standing:
Breed: Wirehair

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Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Some medical information:
Cause of Death: Unknown

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Casabamba Chola Abafia Lux At Castlefield Keszegérparti-Drótos Ali Uto Selle Derby JSI Ch SVI Ch Roli Oroska JS IC SO 3
Odra Selle
Keszegérparti-Drótos Anett

Tordaszigeti Ivó
Abafia Bizsu Kecel-Hátsági Pitti Hun Ch EUW Sábo Tomi (MET MV 650/89)
Bodóhegyi Kece
Abafia Pletyka Abafia Fürge
Vadhozo-Facanos Ada
Lanspar Citromfu Quodian's Zanthos NL/VDH Ch W-93 Sábo Tóbi Abafia Bátor
Sábo Erika
NL/VDH Ch Quodian's Omara JWW-94 WW-95NL/Lux Ch BDSSG-89 Fürjesi Aliz W-89-90-91
Quodian's Csinka Manück
Lanspar Pletyka Abafia Vezer at Castlefield Abafia Komisz
Abafia Pletyka
Shannamaya Oenone

Abafia Maya

Mating Partners: 1
Morehay Golden Jubilee

Offspring: 21
Amber Barletta
Arezzo Quiver
Artic Dancer
Che Of Coulton
Ericka Of Stanley
Frillon Lady
Hot Pepper Chily
Kareana Spice
Millie Of Riyel At Tarndair
Oliver Rosso
Plume Of Sharkel
Reama Able
Rocco Asti
Rocoss Rome
Rola Salmon Catcher
Rone Light Water
Savannha Steccan
Toddy Boy
Tode Of Rone
Trembel Of Swan
Vors Sprung Technic
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Siblings: 29
Acobamba Isla
Aylamba Taquile
Bambamarca Inca
Cajatambo Nazca
Kenmillone Chachapoyas
Kenmillone Chimbota
Limalamba Rosa At Venatio
Paucartambo Colca
Popeshill Arachis
Popeshill Avena
Popeshill Cajon
Popeshill Camellia
Popeshill Capsicum
Popeshill Carya
Popeshill Castanga
Popeshill Cayenne
Popeshill Eugenia
Popeshill Ginja
Popeshill Hazel
Popeshill Jalopena
Popeshill Oryza
Popeshill Paprika
Popeshill Pepper
Popeshill Peppermint
Popeshill Phoenix
Popeshill Pimento At Whitecrag
Popeshill Poivre
Quilabamba Mayo
Urubamba Sol

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