Russetmantle Fugue

Sex: male
Date of Birth: 26 MAY 1999
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

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Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Mrs. M.B. Gay Gottlieb [ Russetmantle ],
Some medical information:
Hips: Hipscore
Hipscore/PennHIP: 3/7

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Russetmantle Fugue

Eng Ch Alsziv Pasque

Eng Sh Ch Szappanos Szeivacs of Abbeystag

Eng Ch Abbeystag Emilio

Eng Sh Ch Futaki Lazslo
Abbeystag Wolfox Flavia
Huntley Beech

Galfrid Gaspar
Courthill Huntley Dee

Eng Sh Ch Hookside Sounds Of Silence at Alsziv
Hookside Perseus

Eng Ch Fandango In The Sun at Hookside
Russetmantle Pepper

Eng Sh Ch Hookside Braid
Hookside Saturn
Hookside Minx
Russetmantle Bliss

Eng Sh Ch Russetmantle Finch of Gunalt

Eng Sh Ch Russetmantle Paris

Eng Ch Russetmantle Troy

Eng Sh Ch Galfrid Sofia of Russetmantle
Eng Sh Ch Russetmantle October

Eng Ch Abbeystag Emilio

Eng Sh Ch Russetmantle Poppy
Russetmantle Apple

Eng Ch Valleyhunter Special Envoy CD SH VC ROM

Am Ch Valley Hunter's Challenge
Valley Hunter's Matai Countess

Eng Sh Ch Russetmantle Mace

Eng Sh Ch Russetmantle Paris

Eng Sh Ch Russetmantle Ochre

Mating Partners: 9
Paddockend Easter Gale
Paddockend Apple Plum
Paddockend Shadow Dancer
Paddockend Indian Maiden
Aluphcourt Fair Huntress At Janousa
Gryffe Glengarioch
Paddockend Red Sunset
Paddockend Barrys Beauty Of Velisters
Paddockend Barrys Lady

Offspring: 76
Brinkschoice Autumnbreeze
Brinkschoice Jades Sparkle
Brinkschoice Rocky Boy
Brinkschoice Springbreeze
Brinkschoice Summerbreeze
Brinkschoice Winterbreeze
Done To Order
Night Cap
Paddockend Calendor Girl
Paddockend Counsellor
Paddockend Cover Girl
Paddockend Crown Jewel
Paddockend Cupid's Dream
Paddockend Heater Thatcher At Celanarin
Paddockend Hedda Hopper
Paddockend High 'N' Mighty
Paddockend High Flier
Paddockend Hilda Harvy
Paddockend Honour Bound
Paddockend Kansas
Paddockend Katcha
Paddockend Kentuckian
Paddockend Kestrel
Paddockend Kinsman
Paddockend Kis Met
Paddockend Kissing Cousin
Paddockend Kittywake
Paddockend Knight Erant
Paddockend Lateen Sails
Paddockend Latin Lover
Paddockend Lazy Jay
Paddockend Liquied Gold
Paddockend Little Lara
Paddockend Passion
Paddockend Pride
Paddockend Salute Our Hero
Paddockend Shadow Dancer
Paddockend Shadow Prince
Paddockend Sharpen Up
Paddockend Simply Red
Paddockend Soveriegn Ruler
Paddockend Spartan General
Paddockend Star Performer
Paddockend Steal The Show
Paddockend Surprise Parcel
Paddockend Talent
Paddockend Tamerind
Paddockend Texas
Paddockend Thistle
Paddockend Thriller
Paddockend Tiggy-May
Paddockend Wacky Wayfarer
Paddockend Weaver Beaver
Paddockend Whipper Will
Paddockend Whiz
Paddockend Whoopee Woo
Paddockend Willie Wagtail
Paddockend Windrush
Paddockend Wineberry
Readdy Teddy
Sir Wattie
Todds Carisma
Velisters Alula Borealis
Velisters Baten Kaitos
Velisters Big Bang
Velisters Carisma of Ulurudawn
Velisters Chanker
Velisters Commando
Velisters Confused
Velisters Conrad
Velisters Contessa
Velisters Countess
Velisters Hale Bopp
Velisters Kethu
Velisters Luna Eclipse
Velisters Neutron Star
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Siblings: 18
Russetmantle Chaffinch
Russetmantle Chantress
Russetmantle Charlie
Russetmantle Charm Mit Alfizsbet
Russetmantle Chelsea of Salvache
Russetmantle Chestnut
Russetmantle Chime
Russetmantle Chintz
Russetmantle Chive
Russetmantle Fancy
Russetmantle Fisher
Russetmantle Flaxen
Russetmantle Flirt
Russetmantle Flower
Russetmantle Flute
Russetmantle Flynn
Russetmantle Forester
Russetmantle Frill

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