Russetmantle Song at Alsziv

Registration#: KCSB 1270CD
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 1 NOV 1989
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

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Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Mrs. M.B. Gay Gottlieb [ Russetmantle ],
John & Anne Digby [Alsziv ], United Kingdom
Some medical information:
Hips: Hipscore
Hipscore/PennHIP: 2/6

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Russetmantle Song at Alsziv

Eng Sh Ch Russetmantle Paris

Eng Ch Russetmantle Troy

Galfrid Odo

Galfrid Gaspar

Eng Sh Ch Windhover Undine of Galfrid
Galfrid Leda of Russetmantle

Galfrid Gaspar
Starbeater Phoenix of Galfrid

Eng Sh Ch Galfrid Sofia of Russetmantle

Eng Sh Ch Waidman Remus
Waidman Fules
Kinford Vlada
Saline Coire of Galfrid Saline Szeppataki Csaba
Tintohill Astra

Eng Sh Ch Russetmantle Ochre

Eng Ch Abbeystag Emilio

Eng Sh Ch Futaki Lazslo

Am DC AFC Janos V W Come Lately

Am FC Futaki Lenke
Abbeystag Wolfox Flavia Wolfox's Saline Attila
Wolfox's Kinford Rica

Eng Sh Ch Russetmantle Poppy

Eng Ch Russetmantle Troy

Galfrid Odo
Galfrid Leda of Russetmantle

Eng Sh Ch Galfrid Sofia of Russetmantle

Eng Sh Ch Waidman Remus
Saline Coire of Galfrid

Mating Partners: 2
Gardenway Master Mariner
Alsziv Pasque

Offspring: 16
(Alsziv) Simply Red *
Alsziv Bon Jovi
Alsziv Bucks Fizz
Alsziv Deacon Blue
Alsziv Depeche Mode
Alsziv East Wind
Alsziv Hurricane Wind
Alsziv Manhattan Transfer
Alsziv Reap The Wind
Alsziv Roxette
Alsziv Status Quo
Alsziv Wayward Wind
Alsziv Wind In the Willows
Alsziv Wind Of Change
Alsziv Wind Of Time
Alsziv Wind Sail
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Siblings: 22
Russetmantle Mace
Russetmantle Magpie
Russetmantle Maize
Russetmantle March
Russetmantle Marjoram
Russetmantle Marsh of Huntly
Russetmantle Milfoil
Russetmantle Mink
Russetmantle Minx
Russetmantle Mist
Russetmantle Moth
Russetmantle Mousse
Russetmantle Musk
Russetmantle Sail
Russetmantle Satin
Russetmantle Sedge
Russetmantle Shadow
Russetmantle Sorrel
Russetmantle Spinner
Russetmantle Spring
Russetmantle Spruce At Jaridon
Russetmantle Swallow of Nantagrove

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