Am Ch Snow Ridge Chief's Spirit Moon JH ROM

Call Name: Abby

picture of dog
Registration#: AKC SN81339602
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 18 FEB 2001
Date of Death: 2 APR 2016
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 10.856%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Randy Boggs [ Snow Ridge ],
Susan P. Boggs [ Snow Ridge ],
Kenneth S Wonnell [ Remek ],
Lauren J Wonnell,
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Good
Eye Test: Tested 2003,06,07
Cause of Death: Unknown

OFA: VZ-8145G27F-PI

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Am Ch Snow Ridge Chief's Spirit Moon JH ROM

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Mating Partners: 2
Triad's Dry Martini
Riverbend Deacon's Dandy

Offspring: 16
Chief With Bent'Un Of Remek
Remek Rozalia's Red Moon
Remek Valley Hunter Moondance
Remek's Ace Chaperone
Remek's Dark Side Of The Moon
Remek's Daughter Of The Moon
Remek's Home Brew
Remek's Moon River Dream Maker
Remek's Moon Spinning Diva
Remek's Red Alert By The Sea
Remek's Red Storm Rising
Remek's Ripped Red Dash
Remek's Snow Ridge Moon Shadow
Snow Ridge Cassidy
Travis III
Triad 'n' Remek's Barnburner
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Siblings: 5
Snow Ridge Cooper River
Snow Ridge Major Mojo
Snow Ridge Pretty Penny
Snow Ridge Sansa

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