Kenine Amethyst of Vizoldali

Registration#: KC AK 01142205
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 3 MAR 2009
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

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Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Mrs L J Moore,
G Roberts & R A Fodor [ Vizoldali ],
Some medical information:
Hips: Hipscore
Hipscore/PennHIP: 5/6

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Kenine Amethyst of Vizoldali Ponsonby Fourth Time Around Bournehouse Winter Wizard by Ponsonby NZ Ch Ponsonby Mr Bojangles

Duncarreg By Jiminy for Huntingate
Duncarreg Sea Shell of Ponsonby
Bournehouse Winter Wine Captain Jeeves of Glendun

Eng Sh Ch Gardenway Height Of Elegance at Bournehouse
Rimmells Pearly Queen Fleet Force Of Stregaya

Eng Sh Ch Stregaya Fleet

Eng Sh Ch Castlefield Windmill Girl
Ponsonby Lay Lady Lay

Duncarreg By Jiminy for Huntingate
Duncarreg Sea Shell of Ponsonby
Chataway Cimbora von Chulak Eng Sh Ch Tragus Star Flyer JWEng Sh Ch Chilsham Shropshire Lad Pitswarren Zacchaeus
Gardenway Oriole of Chilsham
Tragus Look For A Star Captain Jeeves of Glendun
Glendun Blossom of Tragus
Chataway Brogan

Eng Sh Ch Nevedith Star of Nazareth

Eng Sh Ch Castlefield Mill Lane
Bournehouse Red Feathers
Chataway Quietly With Drevamhor

Eng Sh Ch Tasairgid Pure Genius at Drevamhor
Kazval Kaper

Mating Partners: 2
Pitypang Oporto of Gunfield
Magor Cimbora for Vizoldali

Offspring: 36
Vizoldali Bajszos Sarmany
Vizoldali Blue Danube
Vizoldali Bojangles
Vizoldali Bonnie Bodrog
Vizoldali Budapest
Vizoldali Citromsarmany
Vizoldali Darling Draga
Vizoldali Fenoysarmany
Vizoldali Fourteen Hours
Vizoldali Green Fire
Vizoldali Gwynnes Grace
Vizoldali High Society
Vizoldali Hosarmany
Vizoldali Jenny Wren
Vizoldali Kerti Sarmany
Vizoldali Kis Koros
Vizoldali Krystal Breeze
Vizoldali Kucsmas Sarmany
Vizoldali Mogambo
Vizoldali Nadi Sarmany
Vizoldali Perfect Shadow
Vizoldali Prince Rainier
Vizoldali Proud Tizsa
Vizoldali Rambling Rosie
Vizoldali Rear Window
Vizoldali Sapphire Star
Vizoldali Sovenysarmany
Vizoldali Star Chaser
Vizoldali Star Ruby
Vizoldali The Country Girl
Vizoldali The Swan
Vizoldali Tiger Lily
Vizoldali To Catch A Thief
Vizoldali Torpesarmany
Vizoldali Trail Blazer
Vizoldali Will'o Wisp
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Siblings: 28
Attilas Surprise
Dakotas Dream
Dante Magic
Daredevil Dancer
Doheny Delight
Emerald Dawn
Gentle Leader
Kenine Adonis
Kenine Adventurer
Kenine Alyssum
Kenine Angelica
Kenine Aphrodite
Kenine Athena
Kenmilleven Amber Summer
Kenmilleven Golden Echo
Kenmilleven Honey Whisper
Kenmilleven Lady Of Sunrise
Kenmilleven Midas Spirit
Kenmilleven Nutmeg Shimmer
Kenmilleven Sunset Jewel
Kenmilleven Touch Of Russet
Little Lado
Livily Langon Lad
Mind Reader
Red Ocean Breeze
Russet Dancer
Star Gazer
Trusted Tracker

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