Eng Sh Ch Russetmantle Garcia At Alsziv

Registration#: KCSB 3848CU
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 11 AUG 2008
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

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Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Mrs. M.B. Gay Gottlieb [ Russetmantle ],
Some medical information:
Hips: Hipscore
Hipscore/PennHIP: 6/2

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Eng Sh Ch Russetmantle Garcia At Alsziv

Aus Ch/Eng Sh Ch Hungargunn Bear Itn Mind

Aus GrCh Hubertus Dealers Choice

Aus GrCh Hubertus Special Edition (AI)
Am/Can Ch Boelte's Tribute to Panderre CD JH

Aus Ch Aranyoz Huncut Holgy
Aus Ch Hubertus Liberty Bell

Aus Ch Pitswarren Judah of Hubertus

Aus/NZ Ch Heart N Soul of Szep-Allat

Aus Ch Hungargunn Unforgettable
Aus Ch Humeden Rousset Roland ET

Aus Ch Gardenway Kedvenc Andes
Aus Ch Hanafor Lady Haversham
Aus Ch Hanafor Feldon Chance

Aus Ch Hanafor Lord Stafford
Aus Ch Aranka Werham Arnica
Russetmantle Bead Daxpack Acer

Int/Hun/Eng Sh Ch Kilátó-Téri Fürge Mokány of Helmlake

Int/Hun GrCh Vadászfai Kozák
Kávai Pompás (MET MV 12700)
Rainscote Russian Roulette at Daxpack

Eng Sh Ch Galfrid Kipps
Hookside Damson
Russetmantle Bliss

Eng Sh Ch Russetmantle Finch of Gunalt

Eng Sh Ch Russetmantle Paris
Eng Sh Ch Russetmantle October
Russetmantle Apple

Eng Ch Valleyhunter Special Envoy CD SH VC ROM

Eng Sh Ch Russetmantle Mace

Mating Partners: 20
Misty Singer At Afanleigh
Hungargunn Barenaked Lady
Alsziv Wild Cherry
Zavis Miami
Nicael Ria
Nicael Moonlight
Afanleigh Onella
Vizrezeszti Zsazsa at Spingor
Nicael Teal Nee Arany
Bitcon Maiden Oz
Alsziv Indiana
Alsziv Iowa
Topaeris Lady Marmalade
Nicael Flora
Nicael Elese
Nicael Ember
Dallandor Aphrodite
Nicael Lexi
Nicael Lola
Vizanys Angel

Offspring: 213
Afanleigh Sarah
Afanleigh Savannah
Afanleigh Shane
Afanleigh Sophie at Perllanside
Afanleigh Starbuck
Afanleigh Steel
Afanleigh Stella
Alsziv Barolo
Alsziv Benelli
Alsziv Beretta
Alsziv Bianco
Alsziv Browning
Alsziv Cabalie
Alsziv Cava
Alsziv Daegan
Alsziv Degardo
Alsziv Delano
Alsziv Demarco
Alsziv Destiny
Alsziv Diesel
Alsziv Dione
Alsziv Dolores
Alsziv Driscoll
Alsziv Holland
Alsziv Laurona
Alsziv Malbec
Alsziv Merlot
Alsziv Olympia
Alsziv Pinot Noir
Alsziv Prosecco
Alsziv Purdey
Alsziv Rizzini
Alsziv Rosato
Alsziv Sauvignon
Alsziv Tempranillo
Alsziv Winchester
Alsziv Winter
Arany's Adagio
Arany's Allegro
Arany's Alto
Arany's Amorei
Arany's Aria
Arany's Arletta
Bitcon Carribean Gold
Bitcon Charisma at Lowerdon
Bitcon Femme Fatale
Bitcon Impossible Dream
Bitcon Skyfall at Kasprowy
Bitcon Star Guest
Bitcon Star Secret at Layways
Bitcon Story Time
Boldog Piros
Cherrybower Abbey Road
Cherrybower Day Tripper
Cherrybower Dear Prudence
Cherrybower Hey Jude
Cherrybower Lady Madonna
Cherrybower Lovely Rita
Cherrybower Martha My Dear
Cherrybower Penny Lane At Kytelees
Cherrybower Rubber Soul
Cherrybower Sgt Pepper
Cherrybower Ticket To Ride
Dallandor Brabham
Dallandor Lola
Dallandor Lotus
Dallandor Maclaren
Dallandor Marussia
Dallandor Maserati
Dallandor Mercedes
Golden Prince (KC)
Nicael Caldora
Nicael Calina at Santiff
Nicael Calvet
Nicael Canella
Nicael Carletto
Nicael Cassis
Nicael Castello
Nicael Catena
Nicael Diamonds Are For Ever
Nicael Dr No
Nicael Flynn
Nicael For Your Eyes Only
Nicael From Russia With Love
Nicael Gaston
Nicael Goldfinger
Nicael Halina
Nicael Harrison
Nicael Harsha
Nicael Helias
Nicael Hetti
Nicael Hudson
Nicael Hugo
Nicael Khan
Nicael Kiara
Nicael Master Errol Flynn
Nicael Master Fred Astair
Nicael Master James Cagney
Nicael Miss Ava Gardner
Nicael Miss Ginger Rogers
Nicael Miss Grace Kelly
Nicael Miss Greta Garbo
Nicael Miss Lana Turner
Nicael Miss May West
Nicael Miss Sophia Loren
Nicael Mufassa
Nicael Panashe
Nicael Parris
Nicael Pascale
Nicael Perez
Nicael Perseus
Nicael Phoenix
Nicael Poutini
Nicael Quantum Of Solace
Nicael Ranita
Nicael Ravenna
Nicael Retta
Nicael Reza
Nicael Rhonda
Nicael Rochella at Alsziv
Nicael Roman
Nicael Roshan
Nicael Royal
Nicael Ryder
Nicael Ryland
Nicael Sapphire
Nicael Savanna
Nicael Sawyer
Nicael Scarlet
Nicael Sebastien
Nicael Skyfall To Calmerell
Nicael Skyler
Nicael Sorrel
Nicael Spectre
Nicael Sterling
Nicael Taitam
Nicael Talee
Nicael Talia
Nicael Tarkman
Nicael Terena
Nicael Thunderball
Nicael Tian
Nicael Tiana
Nicael Tio
Nicael Tira
Nicael Tollman
Nicael Traviss
Nicael Tylo
Princess Girl
Rose Gold
Ruby Red (KC)
Spingor Alisz
Spingor Anci
Spingor Aurelia
Spingor Bajnok
Spingor Balint
Spingor Bariska
Spingor Barsony
Spingor Benedek
Spingor Bertuska
Spingor Boglarka
Spingor Gergo
Spingor Hajnn
Spingor Hont
Spingor Juliska
Spingor Kalman
Spingor Katinka
Spingor Kato
Spingor Keleman
Spingor Klari
Spingor Lionka
Spingor Maks
Spingor Margarta
Spingor Mariska
Spingor Vidor
Spingor Zoran
Topaeris A Big Hunk O'love
Topaeris Dixieland Rock
Topaeris Flaming Star
Topaeris Happy Birthday
Topaeris Isn'T She Lovely
Topaeris King Creole
Topaeris Little Sister
Topaeris Love Me Tender
Topaeris Master Blaster
Topaeris My Cherie Amour
Topaeris One Of A Kind
Topaeris Power Flower
Topaeris Rock A Hula Baby
Topaeris Rocket Love
Topaeris Sir Duke
Topaeris Stuck On You
Topaeris Teddy Bear
Topaeris Viva Las Vegas
Vadvizi Duna
Vizany Red Sussex
Vizany Silver Sussex
Vizanys Buff Orpington
Vizanys Chestnut Ranger
Vizanys Cuckoo Maran
Vizanys Light Sussex
Vizanys Plymouth Rock
Vizanys Releigh Ranger
Vizanys Speckled Sussex
Vizanys Welsummer
Zavis Sabine
Zavis Sahara
Zavis Salvadore
Zavis Savanah
Zavis Senegal
Zavis Sierra
Zavis Sirocco
Zavis Sumatra
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Siblings: 22
Russetmantle Georgette
Russetmantle Gilder
Russetmantle Glamour
Russetmantle Guy
Russetmantle Majic At Fiscardo
Russetmantle Mars
Russetmantle May At Daxpack
Russetmantle Medlar
Russetmantle Miller
Russetmantle Mister
Russetmantle Morse
Russetmantle Muslin
Russetmantle Myrtle
Russetmantle Sassy
Russetmantle Sheen
Russetmantle Simon
Russetmantle Simpson
Russetmantle Sky
Russetmantle Solo
Russetmantle Soul
Russetmantle Spencer
Russetmantle Squire

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