Sugár Csardas (2009)

Registration#: MET MV 6826/09
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 14 JUN 2009
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: Hungary
Country of Standing: United Kingdom
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 0.735%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Anna Ficsura [ Sugár ], Hungary
Mr S Hawthorne & A Bulloch [ Fenseges ],

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Sugár Csardas (2009) Bédai Valley Hunter's Bugac KV AV

Am Ch Starr-Points Swingit Satchmo JH

Am DC AFC Riverbend Deacon's Dandy CD ROM VC HOF

Am/Can Ch Valhi's Stick to Your Guns CD VC HOF

Am Ch Oakleaf's Rebel Rouser Image ROM

Am Ch Mattapex Jasmine Jewel JH

Am Ch Willo Runn's Red Baron ROM

Am Ch Revere's Rum Raisin JH

Am/Eng Ch Valleyhunter's Valhalla CD ROM

Eng Ch Valleyhunter Special Envoy CD SH VC ROM

Am Ch Valley Hunter's Challenge
Valley Hunter's Matai Countess
Valley Hunter's Little Dream Dirigo Marker Pd-In-Full
Valley Hunter's Legend
Hun JCh Sugár Csardas (2002) VAV

Int/Hun/Hun GrCh Köszegi-Vadász Astor OTV KV VMVV OVFV MAM SMV SV SVP
Hun Ch Vadászfai Csoze OTV

Int/Hun GrCh Vadászfai Kozák
Vadászfai Luca
Borzómenti Anka VKV KVVadászfai Huszár
Oladi Betty

Cikolai Inyenc
Mátai Ludas Mátai Ciklon
Mátai Csitt
Cikolai Dongo Hubertus Gögös
Kávai Ruca

Mating Partners: 19
Bitcon Night Fever
A Reflection Of Beauty
Little Carol
Mistyayre Fire Bird
Kendeci Angelica Princess
Bitcon Wish On A Star
Springoasis Fine In Concept
Cherry Blossom
Miri Mawr
Mistyayre Saffron
Joan Of Ark
Kenquartz Toph Beifong
Narla Of The Moor
Kenquartz Tell Her About It
Star Hunt Thoir
Dagems Danny Darling
Oldgillhead Trixi
Peaches And Cream
Valentine Shooting Star

Offspring: 239
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Fenseges Agnes Rose
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Fenseges Baratios Kislany
Fenseges Bear Arraign Mor
Fenseges Blood Moon from Mistyayre
Fenseges Candy Girl
Fenseges Castle Of May
Fenseges Creag A'chail
Fenseges Csillagasz
Fenseges Cumaradh Beag
Fenseges Dancing Delight
Fenseges Demi Tasse
Fenseges Desire Of Saffron
Fenseges Dirty Dozen
Fenseges Dixie Land Delight
Fenseges Dreams Of Saffron
Fenseges Dunkin Donut
Fenseges Eileen Shannda
Fenseges Essence Of Saffron
Fenseges Eva Orom
Fenseges Fantasy Of Saffron
Fenseges Fell Runner
Fenseges Gin N'tonic
Fenseges Glen Coe
Fenseges Glen Croe
Fenseges Glen Dochart
Fenseges Glen Docherty
Fenseges Glen Doll
Fenseges Glen Urquhart
Fenseges Great Glen
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Fenseges Home Bound Dream
Fenseges Hopes Of Saffron
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Fenseges Jolly Sixpence
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Fenseges Over The Fells
Fenseges Pipacs Piros
Fenseges Pride Of Monty
Fenseges Raffle Ya Donut
Fenseges Roger Lloyd Pack
Fenseges Ruadh Sealgair
Fenseges Saffrons Princess
Fenseges Sgalpaigh
Fenseges Skarlat Voros
Fenseges Soal Of Saffron
Fenseges Sodhaigh Mor
Fenseges Spirit Of Saffron
Fenseges Sun Set Dream
Fenseges Sunset Dreamer
Fenseges Sunset Storm
Fenseges Tancol A To
Fenseges Theiliseigh
Fenseges Total Eclipse
Fenseges Tut Tut Ginger Nut
Fenseges Twelfth Night
Fenseges Vision Of Saffron
Fenseges Vodka Lemon'N'Lime
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Fenseges Wee Duncan
Fenseges White Esk Fell
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Jambrandeira Fell Cruiser
Jambrandeira Firefly
Jambrandeira Moonbeam Lady
Jambrandeira New Gold Dream
Jambrandeira Russet Storm
Jumping Ginger Jack
Kendall Treasure
Kenquince Against All Odds
Kenquince Can't Hurry Love
Kenquince In The Air Tonight
Kenquince On My Way
Kenquince One More Night
Kenquince Sussudio
Kenquince Two Hearts
Kensteen Dhalo
Kensteen Frevo
Kensteen Hula
Kensteen Kolo
Kentrdecim Blondie
Kentrdecim Def Leppard
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Penelope Pit Stop
Penny Magique
Poseidon Of The Avenue
Prince George (KC)
Prince John
Princess Chryston
Queen Isla
Queen Of My Heart
Red Duke (KC)
Red Indian Summer
Red Rock N'rolla Boy
Risingview Alannys
Risingview Blooming
Risingview Branstark
Risingview Budding
Risingview Flourish
Risingview Get Ahead
Risingview Hit It Big
Risingview Jon Snow
Risingview Lysa Arryn
Risingview Melisandre
Risingview Rickonstark
Risingview Robbstark
Risingview Sansastark
Risingview Theon Greyioy
Risingview Top O'the Heap
Risingview Yara Greyjoy
Risingview Ygritte
Russet Ember
Seaside Teddie
She's Happy
Shir Khan Blue
Siren Of Copeland
Sneezy Lady
Snowwhites Doc
Spice King
Starlight River
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Sweet Georgio Of Derwent
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Thor Of The Moor
Trotter Independent Trader
Whisky On The Rocks
Wilglenerino Bronx Boy
Wilglenerino Brooklyn Lady
Wilglenerino Chelsea Angel
Wilglenerino Grand Empire
Wilglenerino Harlem Queen
Wilglenerino Liberty Crown
Wilglenerino Macy's Diamond
Wilglenerino Rockefella
Zeus Of The Moor
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Siblings: 5
Sugar Csongor
Sugár Csako of Palheiro
Sugár Csanad
Sugár Cseke
Sugár Csorna

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