Mastergunner Marley

Sex: male
Date of Birth: 28 DEC 2009
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

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Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.

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Mastergunner Marley Addaci Spirit Myth

Alsziv Cadiz to Huntingate

Bournehouse Christmas Wine

Eng Ch Alsziv Pasque
Bournehouse Winter Wine

Nicael Hellis at Alsziv

Int/Hun/Eng Sh Ch Kilátó-Téri Fürge Mokány of Helmlake
Nicael's Brightstar
Eng Sh Ch Addaci Mountain Solace Valasztas Bobby Burns

Eng Sh Ch Tasairgid Pure Genius at Drevamhor
Chilsham Shropshire Lass
Sweet Musk At Addaci

Eng Sh Ch Nevedith Star of Nazareth
Darling Mel
Gamesika Serendipity By Mastergunner Mastergunner Gentleman Jake Maritime Rocky

Eng Ch Fandango In The Sun at Hookside
Szajani Csengo
Talosca Talica Newbridge Of Athlone
Jaridon's Breeze
Russetmantle Beck Of Gamesika Daxpack Acer

Int/Hun/Eng Sh Ch Kilátó-Téri Fürge Mokány of Helmlake
Rainscote Russian Roulette at Daxpack
Russetmantle Bliss

Eng Sh Ch Russetmantle Finch of Gunalt
Russetmantle Apple

Mating Partners: 0

Offspring: 0

Siblings: 16
Mastergunner Bizzie Lizzie by Moravian
Mastergunner Daydreamer at Kaschtan
Mastergunner Dream Maker
Mastergunner Dream Time
Mastergunner Dukeofbelair
Mastergunner Dylan
Mastergunner Hendrix
Mastergunner Lady Fair of Devondales
Mastergunner Live the Dream
Mastergunner Living Dream
Mastergunner Peggy Sue
Mastergunner Polly Anna
Mastergunner Rio
Mastergunner Scent of Mace
Mastergunner Spiced Merlot
Mastergunner Sweet Dreams

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