Addaci Eternal Legacy

Sex: female
Date of Birth: 11 FEB 2011
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

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Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Some medical information:
Hips: Hipscore
Hipscore/PennHIP: 3/6

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Addaci Eternal Legacy Addaci Spirit Myth

Alsziv Cadiz to Huntingate

Bournehouse Christmas Wine

Eng Ch Alsziv Pasque
Bournehouse Winter Wine

Nicael Hellis at Alsziv

Int/Hun/Eng Sh Ch Kilátó-Téri Fürge Mokány of Helmlake
Nicael's Brightstar
Eng Sh Ch Addaci Mountain Solace Valasztas Bobby Burns

Eng Sh Ch Tasairgid Pure Genius at Drevamhor
Chilsham Shropshire Lass
Sweet Musk At Addaci

Eng Sh Ch Nevedith Star of Nazareth
Darling Mel
Addaci Celtic Eclipse Finnougric Alexander at Addaci Eng Sh Ch Chilsham Shropshire Lad Pitswarren Zacchaeus
Gardenway Oriole of Chilsham
Eng Sh Ch Finnougric Maple Dancer Magyar Chico
Gypsy Dancer
Harlequin Star at Addaci Roytan Harlequin Of Vizmarlo

Eng Sh Ch Gardenway Dramatist
Roytan Zealous
Birse Artemis Hookside Feri
Hookside Sarolta of Birse

Mating Partners: 2
Csillaghegyi-Vadász Dini for Addaci
Erdogyöngye Vadász Cinkos for Addaci

Offspring: 24
Addaci Beautiful Dream
Addaci Crackling Comet
Addaci Day Dreamer
Addaci Dragons Tears
Addaci Dream Come True
Addaci Dream Lover
Addaci Fire Cracker
Addaci Jumping Jack
Addaci Lady Of Dreams
Addaci Living Thedream
Addaci Rocket Man
Addaci Roman Candle
Addaci Summer Dream
Addaci Sweet Dreams
Addaci Wildest Dream
Gwifrenci Celtic Bard
Gwifrenci Celtic Druid
Gwifrenci Celtic Flower
Gwifrenci Celtic Gold
Gwifrenci Celtic Legacy
Gwifrenci Celtic Maiden
Gwifrenci Celtic Revival
Gwifrenci Celtic Rumour
Gwifrenci Celtic Treasure
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Siblings: 15
Addaci Blue Moon
Addaci Bright Moon
Addaci Eternal Dream
Addaci Eternal Fire
Addaci Eternal Flame
Addaci Eternal Peace
Addaci Eternal Rainbow
Addaci Eternal Shanti
Addaci Eternal Spirit
Addaci Eternal Sunshine
Addaci Frosted Moon at Forthenry
Addaci Full Moon
Addaci Harvest Moon
Addaci Poacher's Moon
Addaci Wayfarer's Moon

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