Fraus-Big Boy Of Christendom

Registration#: AKC SM95454603
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 28 DEC 1991
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

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Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Good

OFA: VZ-4193G24M

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Fraus-Big Boy Of Christendom Abby Hills Coach Russet Leather Diamond Thief Golden Empire Model T Reggie

Am DC AFC NAFC Golden Empire's Doctor T MH HOF

Am Ch Golden Empire's Rocken Robin

Am FC AFC Russet Leather Jadestarr

Am DC AFC NAFC Golden Empire's Doctor T MH HOF
Am NFC AFC Rebel Rouser's Starr
Abby Hills Maggie D Abby Hills Stout

Am Ch Piper's Tijuana Red UD ROM
Am Ch Abby Hill's Honey Babe
Abby Hill's Liddy Am Ch Abby Hill's Ruben James

Am Ch Piper's Sunburst Abigale
Danas Rebel Talon

AFC FC Buster Keeton MH

Am DC Rebel Rouser E T HOF

Rebel Rouser Bandieto HOF
Rebel Rouser Star

Am FC Linden's Little Jessie CD MH

Am Ch Camarily Sand Dollar
Linden's Little Renegade CD

Am Ch Rad's Ginger Snap JH


Am/Can Ch Valhi's Stick to Your Guns CD VC HOF

Am Ch Boshar's Budapest Babe

Am DC AFC Camarily Sandman ROM

Camarily Dyna Might

Mating Partners: 11
Lyn Lou's Red October
Jr And Rosey's Red Fern Ann
Red Hannah
Rebel Rouser Texas Alexis
Fraus' Annie's Satin Touch
Starr's Victor Amber
Kum Hear Russet Terra
Stacie's Rebel Rouser
Candi's Golden Honey Sonar
Julie's Ginger Snap
Fraus' Royal Princess

Offspring: 92
A Little Spice of Dixie
Anastasia De Rancho Sophora
August Moon
Beede's Lightening Lucy
Brad's Lightning Bebe
Buda-Pest of Capital Texas
Buddy Boy II
Cates' Copper
Chloe Belle Queen Of Christendom
Christendom Fern Ann Porscha
Classy Shiner Boy
Clay's Rusty Bullet
Culver's Wigg L B Annie
Dakota V
Dave's Big Bo Of Austin
Desert Fox Rommel
Eklund's Ezekiel Red Kutya
Elijah's Magic Prophet
Fraus' Annie's Satin Touch
Fraus' Rebel Cazador
Fraus' Rebel Red Flyer
Give Me Sweet Liberty
Golden Girl Abigail
Golden Honey Princess
Goldhill Dolby
Griffins' Copper Cornerstone
Hartay Ocsi
Honey Barrister Chaistendom
Hungarian Prince Red Magyar
Hunter Big Boy Roberts
J's Golden Hunter
JT Elsa Terra of Christendom
Jackson Daskam
Jasper The Tazmanian Devil
K-'s King Solomon
Karen's Angel Zachariah
Kelm's Red Hot Jazz
Ketta Of Rebel Rouser
Kevin's Red Rebel Rouser
King Alex The Great
King of the Fields Iman
Kiraly Snaus
Koleng's Copper Topper
Lady Chloe
Lonestar Logans Goldeneyes
Lyn Lou's Schapsnamen Tex
Lyn's Handsome Red Barron
Macee Renee of Woollcott
Madison of Saffron Fields
Max's Rufus Caleb
Maximillion Vermillion Engen
Mere's Blue Sky Rider
Miracle's Zachary B.
Mischievous Molly
Miss Moneypenny Douglas
Mr Rhett Buttler
Murdock's Believe In Magic
Our Boy Bela from Victoria
Rebel Rose
Rebel of Wolberstein
Red Hoss Jeansonn's Memory
Red Rebel's Ruby
Red Stick's Rebel Rouser
Reynolds' Texas Ranger
Robert's Buddy Big Boy Bodie
Rudolph King of the Willows
Rusted Copper Route
Rusty Marlin Martin
Samuel McKinley Good
Sandycreek Rebel Red
Sassy Rebel Rouser Fbboc
Schott's Red Chaser
Scout of Amber Fields
Sir Alfred Lee
Sophia Grand Rouge
Sun's Dusty Sierra
Sunny Golden Girl
Swomper's October Hope
The Texas Ranger
Tyson Barkley Peart
Virgavered The Ready
Windton of Wilton
Woelfh's Marvelous Yofi
Wright's Deadeye Barkley
Zak Lynn Lou's Prinz
Zsa Zsa Star
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Siblings: 0

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