Linden's Screamin Demon JH

Registration#: AKC SR62105505
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 21 APR 2010
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 12.460%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Excellent

OFA: VZ-12786E28F-PI

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Linden's Screamin Demon JHAm DC AFC Tsavo's Mynameis Earl SH

Am DC AFC NAFC Wildwood's Back With Zack MH VC ROM

Am DC AFC Rebel Rouser N Lindens Cyote SH ROM

Am DC Rebel Rouser E T HOF
Rebel Rouser Sacajawea
Am Ch Lucy Picasso Tsavorite MH

AFC FC Buster Keeton MH

Am Ch Rad's Ginger Snap JH
Am Ch Tsavo's Spirit Of Copperfield CD BN RE MHAm DC AFC Copperfield's High Roller SH ROM

Am DC AFC Morning Sky Mista Bone MH
Morning Sky Southern Belle
Am Ch Tsavo's Mona Vizsla JH

Am DC AFC Melto-N-Futaki's Rapstone Red SH
Am Ch Tsavo's Dust Devil
Am Ch Linden's Dreamweaver JH

Am FC AFC Upwind Shiloh Mark of Zorro / Shiloh's Mark of Zorro

Am FC AFC Cherokee's Dakota / The Cherokee's Dakota

Am FC AFC Magma's Mentowin
Cherokees Country Bunkin

Am Ch Sippican Upwind Gold Batea JH VC ROM

Am DC AFC Riverbend Deacon's Dandy CD ROM VC HOF

AFC FC NAFC Piper's Sippican Gold Rush
Linden's Bad Moon Rising JH

Am DC AFC Rebel Rouser N Lindens Cyote SH ROM

Am DC Rebel Rouser E T HOF
Rebel Rouser Sacajawea
Am DC AFC Linden's Belle Starr CD MHAm Ch AFC Fieldstone's Tip Top Mr T
Melody's Dixieland Delight

Mating Partners: 3
Linden's Zack Attack
Linden's Lord Of Thunder
Tsavo N Lindens Code Red

Offspring: 8
Dolly Parton II
Linden's Babs
Linden's Lady Bandit
Linden's Sadie Mae
Maverick XII
Maya Beiersdorfer
Some-Bodie To Love!
Tepozaras Diss
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Siblings: 11
Annie XIII
Deekon's Rebel Dream
Linden's Guidaro
Linden's Red Zinfandel
Rabbits Bacardi James
Riled And Ready For Action
Sammie III
Smith's Harmonious Hazel
Tasmanian Devil Hater
Tsavo's Firestorm Jessie

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