NCh NFC MVSDCh Am FC DC Ck Touchdown Guy

picture of dog
Registration#: AKC SR64564907 / FDSB 1628014
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 16 SEP 2010
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 19.158%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Ron Chenoweth,
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Excellent
Elbows: OFA-Normal
Thyroid: OFA-Normal 2014

OFA: VZ-12816E24M-VPI

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NCh NFC MVSDCh Am FC DC Ck Touchdown Guy

Touchdown Kid

Am FC Tommy Boy

Am FC AFC Grand Slam Sam

Am DC Rebel Rouser E T HOF
Glamour MDL Ky
Am FC AFC Rebel Rouser Copper Tone

Am DC Rebel Rouser E T HOF
Rebel Rouser Naughty

Showtime / Obvious Conclusion

Rebel Rouser Red Darby
Tigger Rudy Rebel Rouser / Rebel Rouser Tigger Rudy
Rebel Rouser Maggie May II
Cherokee's Midnight Breeze / The Cherokee's Midnight Breeze Cherokees Double Down / The Cherokee's Double Down
Midnight Abby Road / Abby Road
Shiloh's Happy Go Lucky JH

Am FC AFC Pointe Blanc's Rusty Miracle / Point Blanc's Miracle

Am DC AFC Berry's Borne To Be Wilde JH

Am FC AFC Shotgun Danny Dude / Berry's Danny
Am Ch Berry's Miss Melanie
Lindens Guna Getcha For That JH

Am DC AFC Rebel Rouser N Lindens Cyote SH ROM
Am DC AFC Linden's Belle Starr CD MH
Am FC NFC Berry's Taking Chances

Fieldway's Hard Cash

Fieldways Entertainer
Fieldway's Can Do Cheers
Berry's Kissed By An Angel Rampages Top Contender
Am Ch Berry's Miss Melanie

Mating Partners: 28
Windriver Infusion Of Shiloh
Ck Penny
Pele's Wiki Wiki Hawaiian Punch
Burr Oak's Durite Tess
Durite's Mega Million
Pepper Jack Kick'Em Up Angel Cayanne
Elk View Gold On The Rise
Heartland's Lone Starr
Hillbillies Nada Looker
Shawnee's Red Lioness
Vanguard's Make-Her-Mark
Ck Touchdown Sis
Ck Smilin' Silly
Ck Rebel Rouser Et's Ella
Ck Rugers Red Label Ann
Heidi Go Seek Jones
Ck Rebel Rouser Phoenix
Kick Em Up Riley
Twenty Gauge Over-N-Under
Heartland Jazzie's Becki
Against The Wind Piper
Burr Oak's Reve
Ck Lucy Lucille
Dsm's Contessa The Third
Midwest Dream Crimson's Storm
Midnight Run's Probable Cause
Midwest Dream Twisted Ice Storm
Ck Brie's Bobby Sue

Offspring: 185
Addie Grooms
Against The Wind's Josie Girl
Against The Wind's Lock & Load
Against The Wind's Watch Her Strut
Against the Wind Can I Get a Witness?
Against the Wind's Glorious Evie
Annie's Breeze
Archie's Midwest Dream
Armed-N-Dangerous Crockett
Atw Super Bowl Winchester
Augustus Wilhelm Williams
Bali (AKC)
Bama's Katelyn Rose
Bangert's Red Baron
Baxter VI
Beau Chisholm
Belle at Spirit Wind
Beyer Ranch's Sweet Louisa
Bezek Princess Lucy Early Riser
Bolz Elkview Red Raider
Burr Oak's Bambam / Burr Oak's Bam Bam
Burr Oak's Banjo Man
Burr Oak's Born To Boogie
Burr Oak's Ck Show Me The Beef
Burr Oak's Ck Wrangler
Burr Oak's Little Biscuit
Burr Oak's Rebel With A Cause
Burr Oak's Sami
Burr Oak's Santa Fe Dreamer
CK Guy's Hot N Spicey
CK Guy's Kid
CK Guy's Lady Luck
CK Post Route Scout
Cali III
Captain Cool Kid Rico
Captain II
Chase XIII
Cherokee Neisha Liess
Chestnut Groves Red Hot Chili Pepper
Chevy 4 Paws
Ck Big Red Angus
Ck Carolina Ruby
Ck Clearview Sonny
Ck Countryside Irene
Ck Down N Under Sidney
Ck Ellie That's My Girl
Ck Gundog Hoss
Ck Guy's Countryside Mae
Ck Guy's Dbl Barrel Dee Dee / C K Guy's Dee Dee
Ck Guy's Diva
Ck Guy's Happy Kaytee
Ck Guy's Indiscretion
Ck Guy's Reagon / C K Guy's Reagan
Ck Guy's Rock N Rolling King
Ck Guy's Southern Yankee
Ck Guy's Templeton Lola
Ck Guy's Trump
Ck Guys Lisa Marie
Ck Hey Jude
Ck Jack's Double Barrel Bourbon
Ck Just Smilin' Touchdown Koda
Ck Just Smilin' Touchdown Rylee
Ck Kick Em Up Call 911
Ck Lexi
Ck Lucille Silly Boo
Ck Mabel
Ck Pick Six Ruby Rioux
Ck Pistol Packin' Kal-El / C K Pistol Packin Kal El
Ck Rebel Rouser Gyatso
Ck Red Hot Showdown Sioux
Ck Sir Drakeley
Ck Sir Radar von Peyton Schmitz
Ck Skyler Cuddles
Ck Touchdown Guy's Emma
Ck Touchdown Guy's Tobacco Row Mountain Man
Ck Touchdown Pistol Pete
Clinton Oaks Ck Gaillus
Cooper Smith
Coral Cayenne
Cv Eddie
Cv Point After Touchdown
Cv Whiplash Smile
Cv's Red Headed Flying Dutchman
Dak Contessa Becca
Dak's Price Creek's Toby
Dempsey Howard Corbett
Dka Mauser Royal Silver Bullet
Dsm's Daisy The Second
Durite's 'Knox'Ville Tennessee
Durite's Ck Diamond Aries
Durite's Sure Win
Elk View Evangelina Supernova
Elk View Harley
Elk View Red Hot Pepper
Elk View Rockette I Have Joy Again
Elk View Violet
Ellie Morrigan
Fly Away Bird
Fort Knox Upland Gold
Futo (AKC)
Geronimo Of Rush Lake
Goose On the Loose
Grid Iron Gal
Gundog Vizslas Kay Girl
Guy's Bourbon Boondock Kid
Guy's Silly Snickerdoodle Sadie Girl
Harley XII
Hatszel's 20 Gauge Over-N-Under Touchdown Gail
Hillbillie's High Cotton
Hillbillies Leaping Lucy
Hillbillies Minister Of Defense
Hilltop Amira
Izley's Riverside Point
Jager VI
Jazzie My-T-Dora
Jazzie My-T-Otto
Just Jake Too
Kick Em Up Ringo
Ko Jase
Lazlo Is Going For Two
Lockport's Broken Arrow Ivy
M And T's Cooper Dog
Majestic Maverick Of Montclaire Pl.
Mango II
Margaret Thatcher
Marley Raven
Maui Twenty Gauge Guy
Mcginn's Field A Blaze
Mcginn's Ms. Mighty Maeve
Midwest Dream Cinnamon And Spice Hunt Em-Up
Midwest Dream Lady Zhurong
Midwest Dream Sadie of Mimewood
Midwest Dream Skye Crunchie
Midwest Dream Touchdown Storm
Midwest Dream Twister Touchdown
Millie Kim
Miss Cami Belle
Monkeyshine's Red Devil
Ninas Reverend Dynamic Dino
Ob's Amazing Grace
Okie Dokie Burr Oaks Dobie
Okoboji (Boji) Boy Cioni
Parker's Bella
Pele's Wiki Wiki Aloha Spirit / Pele's Wiki Aloha Spirit
Pele's Wiki Wiki Opakapaka
Pick Six Colmar
Poppy Turbo Falcon Legendary
Redneck Texas Sunshine
Reve's Big Boy
Riley's Wiki Wiki Sugar Cane Express
Rocky Reeves
Rojo De Tejas Rev It Up Della
Rojo de Tejas Ck Slim Shady
Rubin Roux Hart
Ruger Autumn Oaks
Rusty Miracle
Sadie Mae Red
Scout Ludescher
Shawnee's Vintage Red Lion
Shiloh's C99
Sienna Jean Jones
Silly Bella
Sir Bionic Cooper
Sir Charles Barkley
Sir Chili Welpe
Sir Wallace Stonewall Lawrence
Stella Benelli Frank
Sunset Trail's Locked N' Loaded
Sweet Potato Ridge Tater
Touchdown Guy's Lil Izzy
Tucker XXII
Victor Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
Viktor Devine
Windsweep Farm's Eminent Haans of Loveland
Winkelman's Touchdown Chicago Cooper
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Siblings: 26
Against the Wind's Shame on the Moon / A T W's Shame on the Moon
Burr Oak's Ellie Mae
Burr Oak's Hoodoo
Burr Oak's Jessie's Girl
Ck Countryside Buck
Ck Finn's River Wild
Ck Hideaway's Little Secret / C K Jane
Ck Mile High Atlas
Ck Millstar's Wee Dram
Ck Oakridge Miss Beahavin'
Ck Red Rocket
Ck Remington's Dynasty
Ck Smiley's Happyhappyhappy
Ck Smiley's Legacy
Ck Touchdown Kid's Lucia
Ck Touchdown Sis
Ck Touchdown Tnt Tina
Dimond Alli's Locked on Point
Durite's Shoot From The Hip
Fidler's Ck Kiss My 'Sassafras
Good Golly Miss Molly XI
Gracies Red Scooby
Maximus XII
Smiley's Copper Penny Annie
Smileys Klondike Bar
Touchdown Kid's Sam I Am

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