Ck Rommel's Rudy

Registration#: AKC SR67941208
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 20 MAY 2011
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 13.071%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Good

OFA: VZ-13302G28M-VPI

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Ck Rommel's Rudy Shiloh's Rommel's Blitzkrieg JH


AFC FC Lifo Riley
AFC Little Richie Whompum MH
Rebel Rouser Dolly IV
My-T-Hi North Starr

Am DC Viesoo's Prodigal Son
Am NFC AFC Rebel Rouser's Starr

Madison III SH CGC

AFC FC Buster Keeton MH

Am DC Rebel Rouser E T HOF

Am FC Linden's Little Jessie CD MH

Francesca von Witwen
Shiloh's Happy Go Lucky JH

Am FC AFC Pointe Blanc's Rusty Miracle / Point Blanc's Miracle

Am DC AFC Berry's Borne To Be Wilde JH

Am FC AFC Shotgun Danny Dude / Berry's Danny
Am Ch Berry's Miss Melanie
Lindens Guna Getcha For That JH

Am DC AFC Rebel Rouser N Lindens Cyote SH ROM
Am DC AFC Linden's Belle Starr CD MH
Am FC NFC Berry's Taking Chances

Fieldway's Hard Cash

Fieldways Entertainer
Fieldway's Can Do Cheers
Berry's Kissed By An Angel Rampages Top Contender
Am Ch Berry's Miss Melanie

Mating Partners: 12
Ck Raany Breeze
Shiloh's Happy Go Lucky
Pepper Jack Kick'Em Up Angel Cayanne
Ck Rebel Rouser Phoenix
Winddrifts Sonic
Ck Dbl Up Tommy Boy's Desirae
Ck Guy's Dbl Barrel Dee Dee / C K Guy's Dee Dee
Ck Guy's Reagon / C K Guy's Reagan
Ck Katniss
Ck Guy's Countryside Mae
Burr Oak's Born To Boogie
Ck Brie's Bobby Sue

Offspring: 71
Bourbon Of Rebel Rousers
Burr Oak's Ck Buddy
Ck Arya Sunny Rose Chasteen
Ck Auggie
Ck Bella
Ck Boogie's Rocky
Ck Casey Cay
Ck Clark's Royal Slugger
Ck Color of Money
Ck Colt
Ck Copperhead Dakota Charlie
Ck Corabelle
Ck Dempsey
Ck Duchess
Ck Evka
Ck Ginger
Ck Guy's Dbl Up Billy Boy
Ck Independence Indy 500
Ck Isabella
Ck Jasper
Ck Jasper D
Ck Jj / C K Sonblessed Goodtimes
Ck Lexi Lane
Ck Liela
Ck Longshot Krazy Kizzy
Ck Lucy Lid
Ck Margo
Ck Molly Moose
Ck Moneypenny
Ck Myles Marsh
Ck Nico
Ck Oakley Mae
Ck Otto Man Jr
Ck Perseus
Ck Rabay's Crazy Other Little Thing
Ck Ripken
Ck Riverside's Ruger
Ck Rudy Redford
Ck Rudy's Lil' Harper
Ck Sadie Mae
Ck Sir Max-A-Lot Of Smithland
Ck Sir Rocket von Td Schmitz
Ck Skylar
Ck Sporting Kc's Zusi
Ck Sydney Brown-Krob
Ck Veronica
Ck Whiskey
Eil's Ck Rockin' Roxie
France's Tango
Gt Mango Habanero
Harley Bree
Hash's June Karter
Henna Mae
Hunter XXXI
King Wilson Runsalot Omohundro's Touchdown Saint *
Lady Liberty On the Fritts
Lady XIX
Moshers Officer Deeks
Muddy Boots' Khe Sahn
Princess Penny Purple
Richardson's Cooper
Scout XX
Sir Whipster
Sky II
Sophie XVII
Susie's Ck Daisy
Sv Electra
Teals Marley
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Siblings: 11
Blackjacks Yankeebreeze
Chenoweth's Shiloh
Ck Happy Hoss
Ck Smilin' Silly
Nolin Rough Rider
Remi Gallardo
Rommel's Smilin Rose
Rommels Riley
Rusty James Perron Demeritt
Sadie XX
Union Jack (AKC)

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