Ch Vegvari Betyar IV

Registration#: OMKT MV 165
Sex: male
Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: Hungary
Country of Standing:
Variety: Shorthair

Total Offspring: 7
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PreTitle Name Reg.No Sex Sire Dam Variety Date of birth
Csore OMKT MV 245 female Vegvari Betyar IVBaba Shorthair
Dama female Vegvari Betyar IVMyra Shorthair
Cunci OVT 285 female Vegvari Betyar IVKaposi Duci Shorthair
Kisasszony * OVT 359 female Vegvari Betyar IVFuttyi I Shorthair
Csárdás I * OMKT MV 417 male Vegvari Betyar IVFuttyi I Shorthair
Vegvari Paloc OMKT MV 251 male Vegvari Betyar IVVegvari Csintalan Shorthair
Kincsem OMKT MV 430 female Vegvari Betyar IVCsitri II Shorthair

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