Dogs New and Updated

Fredneck Scoundrels Mr Daniels
Ginger Lass' Wrinkly Wilamina
Walter's Sweet Gypsy Rose
Walter's Fire Maple
Walter's Me And My Arrow
Walter's America's Favorite Marquis
Walter's Pretty Penny
Walter's Cecilia You're Breaking My Heart
Walter's Goose Boomerang Tibbitts
Walter's Put You Red Head Back In Bed B4 Morning
Kamikaze Come On Home
Omaha Braveheart
Wiley II
Cameo's Big Red Autumn Treasure
Cameo's Olive Sunshine
Cameo's Sweet Georgia Peach
Cameo's Queen of Jazz
Cameo's Autumn Glow
Cameo's Hickory Dickory Dock
Cameo's This Girls On Fire
Starfire's Voodoo Child Izabella
Starfire's Whole Lotta Love
Starfire's Into The Mystic
Starfire's White Christmas
Starfire's Baying At The Moon
Starfire's Nikki Duchess of Solebury
Starfire's Legendary Child
Diamondmine & Dynasty's Golden Defender of Peridot
Diamondmine & Dynasty's Golden Warrior of Peridot
Diamondmine & Dynasty's Golden Gem of Peridot
Diamondmines 24 Carat Golden Opportunity
Valiant's The Vanquished Road
Cleo (LI 19/4879)
Cesare (LI 19/4876)
Diva (LI 19/4874)
Nemo (LI 19/4873)
Bella (LI 19/4872)
Rouser's Lizzie Mcghee
Ck Crazy Train
Ck Lucky Scout Mcgee
Ck Baylee's Highland Myst
Hilltop Eviloution
Vista Ridge Duke Louie
Vista Ridge Charlotte's All That Jazz
Red River's Flash Mob
Jazzie My-T-Dora
Sir Bionic Cooper
Windsweep Farm's Eminent Haans of Loveland
Jazzie My-T-Otto
Antares Dunkin
Antares Steve Austin
Antares Mia
Antares Sara Radiant Jewel
Antares Molly
Antares Briar Patch
Antares Habanera
Lea's Absolut Red
Lea's Cry Me A Wild River
Widdershins I've Got Pizzazz
Canders' Cooper
Winsong's Liberty And Freedom
Winsong's Fantastic Flip
Winsong's Alexa The Mighty
Winsong's Hot Ember
Coppersage Firestorm's Hunter Boy
Coppersage Firestorm's Chili
Coppersage Firestorm Teddy By Tommy
Coppersage Firestorm's Spock
Coppersage Firestorm's Tanner
Coppersage Firestorm's Jager
Coppersage Firestorm's Zephyr
Firestorm's Miss Dixie Cousins
Princess XXI
Firestorm's Bullet
Firestorm Pistol Packin Sig
Red Diamond Lucky Jack
Red Diamond's Lucky Jozsi Jo
Red Diamond's Luck of the Draw
Red Diamond's Lucky Penny
Hazel Buttercup
K-Tia's Prarie Storm
Poppy III
K-Tia's El Diablo Benelli
K-Tia's Tulie By Tommy
K-Tia's Zia
K-Tia's Krackle


Owners/Breeders New and Updated

Dae & Kristie Kim
Michael Moser
Paul Davie

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