Pedigree of: Luckville Digitalis By Debian
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Luckville Digitalis By DebianEng Ch
Ulurudawn Cardinal Marker
Aldom Red GrouseDaxpack AcerInt/Hun/Eng Sh Ch
Kilátó-Téri Fürge Mokány of Helmlake
Rainscote Russian Roulette at Daxpack
Hapseve AflameRussetmantle Admiral of Arunszvar
Gardenway Pocahontas of Hapseve
Ulurudawn ClipperGalfrid Grant of GunfieldGalfrid Jaime
Galfrid Hope
Velisters Carisma of UlurudawnRussetmantle Fugue
Paddockend Barrys Beauty Of Velisters
Debian DistractionDebian DaedalasSzolnoki Moszes by SzentendreBequerelle Forever Gold at Szentendre
Eng Sh Ch
Szolnoki Pitypalatty
Debian Day DreamerTavasz Felix for Gardenway
Gardenway Celestial Dawn
Debian Dreams Of SummerEng Ch
Mordax Medoc By Arany
Nicael Oak at Helmlake
Eng Ch
Russetmantle Frill
Debian Dream LoverKizvarda Karoly
Debian Day Dreamer
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