Pedigree of: Glamour MDL Ky
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Glamour MDL KyAm DC AFC
Am/Can Ch
Valhi's Stick to Your Guns
Am Ch
Great Guns Riding High
Am Ch
Brok Selle Son of A Gun / Wolfe's Brok Selle
Olca Barat Gunner's Mate
Magda SzeretoAm Ch
Godolloi Miska
Miss Jocelyn Kovach
Am Ch
Boshar's Budapest Babe
Blitzkrieg *Am Ch
Silent Partner Of L And C
Kerilla's Zsa Zsa
JameelaAm Ch
Doktor Fether
Mariah Dawn
Tequila's Sweet RascalTimarkas TequilaPolar Kaps Max HazardPolar Kaps Copper Rhodes
Polar Kaps Melto Way
Timarkas TaraAm DC AFC NFC NAFC
Brook's Willie Whompum
Am Ch
Timarkas Tsindee Of Amber
Lady Jaycie Of Lake CountySmoke Of Arocep FlameAm DC AFC
Rippi of Webster Woodlands
Amber'N Dukes Arocep Flame
Jodi's Jump-N-Bing-Bang Bucz / Jodi's Bing Bang Bucz
Sandpatch's Razz A Matazz
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