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Name ID Reg# Sex Sire Dam Breed Country of birth Born (D/M/Y)
All Jazzed Up 68222 AKC SR24619002 female Brauners Tracker DownJagger And Abigale's Maggie Shorthair United States 20-03-2005
Boulder Oak Sergeant 63729 AKC SN71086308 / NAVHDA VI-000243 male Vadászfai GaraBoulder Oak Penny Shorthair United States 18-02-2000
Copper Roach Anderson 70183 AKC SR63889603 female Pete's Last NamesakeMaggie's 2nd Surprise Shorthair United States 27-07-2010
Duchess Daisy Duke 67361 AKC SR34403906 female Kick Em Up A Shot Of JDR&R Midwest Dream Stormy June Shorthair United States 18-04-2006
Ildyana Jones Swenson 64693 AKC SN66297404 female Little Deuce CoupeSadie Leigh Storm Shorthair United States
King Baltazar The Wise One 68974 AKC SR38230207 male Desert Duke Sunset Rider *Gilmore's Sarah Mackenzie Shorthair United States 16-11-2006
Lakvölgyi Aszu 88061 COR A 915-12/057 / MET MV 8720/12 male Csövárberki ÚjoncAlföldi Vándor Áfonya Alma Shorthair Hungary 20-02-2012
Michigan 67866 AKC SR19106109 male Rugers Red FlannelOldhills Zeeda Days Shorthair United States 02-08-2004
Miss Scarlet Rogers 66295 AKC SR04993509 female Hedley Dakota KellerAnn (AKC) Shorthair United States
Mondai's Magyar Nairobi 66176 AKC SR39363102 female Copper Creek's Rose's Red ZackSzizlin's Autumn Hunter Shorthair United States 11-12-2006
Quincidental Rebel 67275 AKC SR27537007 male Rebel Rouser TannerRiplock's Liz Shorthair United States 14-07-2005
Rock-Pen To Hunt Dlb 62032 AKC SN50182501 female Robbie's Bo BoAsk-Pen To Hunt DLB Shorthair United States 13-12-1997
Sierra Sage Mumma 66722 AKC SR61474301 female Rebel Rouser Hot PursuitMadeline II Shorthair United States 20-02-2010
Sleepy Hollow Tico By Legacy 65300 AKC SN90680408 male Jaybar's Lonestar LegacySleepy Hollow's Petra Shorthair United States 15-03-2002
Solaris Schools Out 111827 AKC SR85440604 male Regal Point Pinnacle Of KilaueaSolaris Dixie Diamond Shorthair United States 15-11-2014
Tejas Tesora 65608 AKC SR06119506 female Deadeye Texas WrightSully's Golden Briana Shorthair United States 02-02-2003
Whispering Sands Valley of Fire 104023 AKC SR76843801 female Kezdet's Russet Leather River WhisperWoodlands Red Hot Passion Shorthair United States 11-03-2013