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Name ID Reg# Sex Sire Dam Breed Country of birth Born (D/M/Y)
Alexa 70624 NOREG1296238 female Shorthair United States 22-11-2003
All Jazzed Up 68222 AKC SR24619002 female Brauners Tracker DownJagger And Abigale's Maggie Shorthair United States 20-03-2005
Baron's Red Stealth 65623 AKC SR12689903 male Bo Knox AskimNikki Dukat Starr Shorthair United States 08-11-2003
Bela Whistler 66053 AKC SR00237309 female Diamond Bo WapsieDougs Maggie Red Ace Shorthair United States 29-01-2002
Boulder Oak Sergeant 63729 AKC SN71086308 / NAVHDA VI-000243 male Vadászfai GaraBoulder Oak Penny Shorthair United States 18-02-2000
Bridgmans Can-Dee Kiss-Is O'Mine 92652 AKC SR68873701 female Bridgmans Cowboy BootsMika Glow Of Redstone Shorthair United States 07-07-2011
Captivatin's Just One of the Boys 113221 AKC SR86458603 male Jackpot's Don't Spill The BeansCaptivatin's I'm The One Shorthair United States 18-02-2015
Chrisands Rdk Tucker 66215 AKC SR23332006 male Kizmar Touch Of EvilChrisand's Rustic Royalty Shorthair United States 17-12-2004
Copper Roach Anderson 70183 AKC SR63889603 female Pete's Last NamesakeMaggie's 2nd Surprise Shorthair United States 27-07-2010
Dawnacres Ready To Run 65641 AKC SR18927903 / FDSB 1574599 male Stone Ridge CopperStone Ridge's Cacciatora Tori Shorthair United States 25-05-2004
Duchess Daisy Duke 67361 AKC SR34403906 female Kick Em Up A Shot Of JDR&R Midwest Dream Stormy June Shorthair United States 18-04-2006
Envizsion Undaunted Player 66762 AKC SR25085105 male Banker's Sport LegendStarfire's Live Through This Shorthair United States 14-02-2005
Fort Bragg's Zee Princess Zoe 69281 AKC SR66882903 female Heelmark's Bold And BrodaciousPrincess Peach Shorthair United States 12-02-2011
Go Get Em Chester On Red Dog Hill 82791 AKC SR75084704 male Sun Cruisers HeliosSonsteby's My Little Beeza Shorthair United States 29-09-2012
Ildyana Jones Swenson 64693 AKC SN66297404 female Little Deuce CoupeSadie Leigh Storm Shorthair United States
Irish Acres Dash of Nutmeg 127637 AKC SR84045008 female Sir Lenny Versatile VadaszLady Angel Mazzie Shorthair United States 28-06-2014
Jackpot Bella Girl 68728 AKC SR61510806 female Jackpot BuckarooJackpot Koda Shorthair United States 28-03-2010
K-D Sunshine 65646 AKC SR09243902 female Becker's Red BanditAmber II Sunshine Shorthair United States 05-06-2003
Keg's Royal King Kopper 65597 AKC SN75274407 male Sir Kahn Knight Of DeerwoodKeg's Royal Princess Lea Shorthair United States 28-06-2000
King Baltazar The Wise One 68974 AKC SR38230207 male Desert Duke Sunset Rider *Gilmore's Sarah Mackenzie Shorthair United States 16-11-2006
Lakvölgyi Aszu 88061 COR A 915-12/057 / MET MV 8720/12 male Csövárberki ÚjoncAlföldi Vándor Áfonya Alma Shorthair Hungary 20-02-2012
Lil Miss Bella 77474 AKC SR69196604 female Tonka TLil Miss Lola Shorthair United States 20-07-2011
Lyons Jib Sheet 63689 AKC SN80927502 male Titan-N-Bayview At EagletreePenlee Lyon Centre Stage Shorthair United States 18-02-2001
Majesty Queen Penelope Grand 37769 AKC SN84643102 female Mehagian's Indiana JonesIndian Creek Jenny Hunter Shorthair United States 19-05-2001
Mesterhazi Cafka Chamois 67038 AKC SR27569903 female Mesterhazi Csillag StarGotta Get Mac's Musket Shorthair United States 22-05-2005
Michigan 67866 AKC SR19106109 male Rugers Red FlannelOldhills Zeeda Days Shorthair United States 02-08-2004
Miss Murray Pifer Point 65293 AKC SR13318104 female Mr G's Russet Hunter DukeBorn Reddy Ginger Shorthair United States 16-12-2003
Miss Scarlet Rogers 66295 AKC SR04993509 female Hedley Dakota KellerAnn (AKC) Shorthair United States
Mondai's Magyar Nairobi 66176 AKC SR39363102 female Copper Creek's Rose's Red ZackSzizlin's Autumn Hunter Shorthair United States 11-12-2006
Nutmeg Autumn Reiche 66875 AKC SR31458201 female Jo Jo's Rusty To The PointChestnut Hazel Johnson-Reiche Shorthair United States 31-12-2005
Pitypang Herceg 96559 AKC SR83481401 / NAVHDA VI-001653 / MET MV 00311/14/A male Magor SámánPitypang Trikó Shorthair Hungary 14-12-2013
Quincidental Rebel 67275 AKC SR27537007 male Rebel Rouser TannerRiplock's Liz Shorthair United States 14-07-2005
R&R Midwest Dream Stormy June 42903 AKC SN82738703 female J D Duke of VoorhiesStone City Penny Shorthair United States 26-04-2001
Rock-Pen To Hunt Dlb 62032 AKC SN50182501 female Robbie's Bo BoAsk-Pen To Hunt DLB Shorthair United States 13-12-1997
Rockamazoo Lucy 68617 AKC SR44091103 female Rebel Rouser Red Ranger IIUpwind Lil Annie Shorthair United States 07-08-2007
Rudy Mcqueen Abel 68776 AKC SR64633703 male ZekesterSugar Creek Josie Shorthair United States 21-10-2010
Rusty Dog Ranch Kiowa 70162 AKC SR55633601 female Reddog Ranch DakotaAnimosh Meoquanee Sequoia Shorthair United States 16-03-2009
Sienna Pointe AC McAllister's Keeper Of The Dream 67948 AKC SR54935202 male AC Cooper of SunnysideSunnyside Dawn's Kaleidoscope Shorthair United States 18-02-2009
Sierra Sage Mumma 66722 AKC SR61474301 female Rebel Rouser Hot PursuitMadeline II Shorthair United States 20-02-2010
Sleepy Hollow Tico By Legacy 65300 AKC SN90680408 male Jaybar's Lonestar LegacySleepy Hollow's Petra Shorthair United States 15-03-2002
Solaris Happily Ever After 105371 AKC SR85498006 male Solaris Palmetto Beaufort BreezeSolaris Sex On The Beach Shorthair United States 09-12-2014
Solaris Schools Out 111827 AKC SR85440604 male Regal Point Pinnacle Of KilaueaSolaris Dixie Diamond Shorthair United States 15-11-2014
Starfire's It's My Life 66761 AKC SR13389002 female Banker's Top BrandStarfire's Live Through This Shorthair United States 25-11-2003
Tejas Tesora 65608 AKC SR06119506 female Deadeye Texas WrightSully's Golden Briana Shorthair United States 02-02-2003
Whispering Sands Valley of Fire 104023 AKC SR76843801 female Kezdet's Russet Leather River WhisperWoodlands Red Hot Passion Shorthair United States 11-03-2013
Williams Maggie Mae 70019 AKC SR48513708 female WagsJulie's Miss Fortyfour Mag Shorthair United States 07-01-2008
Windrunner's Justice 65226 AKC SN73410905 male Boumans Against The WindWindrunner's Sentimental Journey Shorthair United States 29-04-2000