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Name ID Reg# Sex Sire Dam Breed Country of birth Born (D/M/Y)
Brookei Margil 15454 female Nßdiszell÷ Ezustnyil of RotherfalkeRotherfalke Gebe Wirehair United Kingdom 30-03-2007
Lyharr Adelaida 46558 female Hej÷csabai Taltos At GonegosGonegos Proud Mary Wirehair United Kingdom 30-11-2011
Lyharr Osiria Rose 86734 female Zagiva BukkGonegos Proud Mary Wirehair United Kingdom 01-08-2013
Madilor Terca Feira 34854 female Nßdiszell÷ Erdei Feny÷ Of StarshotMadilor Magupati Wirehair United Kingdom 16-02-2010
Mezo King Of Trebus 118496 male Hej÷csabai Taltos At GonegosMarlhill Lady At Brecalde Wirehair United Kingdom 29-07-2015
Starshot Szarvas 14568 female Gyarmat-Erdei CsauszRagnolds Chase The Magic to Starshot Wirehair United Kingdom 23-02-2004