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Name ID Reg# Sex Sire Dam Breed Country of birth Born (D/M/Y)
Abafia Lord von Abbeystag 6378 KC AA0900135 male Keszegérparti-Drótos AliAbafia Bizsu Wirehair Hungary 08-01-1999
Blamtrinever Bewitching 14950 female Starshot First KnightBlamtrinever Hadtobee Wirehair United Kingdom 23-03-2005
Brynffrwd Angel Gabrielle 46515 female Kenmillix King Of Athens At TravailliantAfon Andypandy At Brynffrwd Wirehair United Kingdom 26-12-2011
Elfennau Flora 89274 female Zöldmáli Szimat at StarshotStarshot Isobel Wirehair United Kingdom 21-09-2013
Gonegos Harry Youre A Beast 46107 male Zöldmáli Szimat at StarshotGonegos I Put A Spell On You Wirehair United Kingdom 29-05-2011
Kenmillix Metope At Fassfields 15287 KCSB 0318DA female Zöldmáli Dukat at GonegosStjust Tamarind Wirehair United Kingdom 18-11-2006
Leiborschy Ekko 15941 male Leiborschy WilfekLeiborschy Lajka Wirehair United Kingdom 12-06-2008
Leiborschy Steffan 15094 male Bayside Brokk Of LanokkLeiborschy Lajka Wirehair United Kingdom 10-05-2006
Madilor Moth 86098 female Kisdon's Russian Hero Miatt MadilorMoricroft Moonshine Miatt Madilor Wirehair United Kingdom 21-06-2012
Morehay Golden Jubilee 13953 male Quodian's ChopinRagnolds Tengeri Szel At Morehay Wirehair United Kingdom 14-02-2002
Moricroft Mahjong 6266 female Borostyánkö MarciShannamaya Piroshka Wirehair United Kingdom 19-04-1997
Newland's Girl Of Morgate 32864 female Ayita Giorgio ArmaniLanys Legacy Wirehair United Kingdom 27-07-2009
Quodian's Jéles 14006 NHSB 2397573 female Fürdöhazi AthosQuodian's Ésprit Wirehair Netherlands 19-04-2002
Starshot Brimstone 14960 female Eron SelleQuodian's Lelkes Wirehair United Kingdom 09-08-2005
Starshot Kindred Spirit 46331 KC AM03050801 female Zöldmáli Szimat at StarshotStarshot Inca Wirehair United Kingdom 28-06-2011
Travaillant Grace 14965 female Gonegos Lascelles Of GriptonGonegos Csardas At Janousa Wirehair United Kingdom 08-09-2005