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Name ID Reg# Sex Sire Dam Breed Country of birth Born (D/M/Y)
Annexe Meribel 89383 KC AR00864804 female Bátor-Réti Frédi Of StarshotStarshot High Time Of Annexe Wirehair United Kingdom 20-02-2014
Belatarr Lyra 86607 female Morehay Lars Of BelatarrTarndair Phoenix Of Belatarr Wirehair United Kingdom 23-07-2013
Blamtrinever Deep Dreamer 35386 female Zöldmáli Vadasz At CragvallieBlamtrinever Bewitching Wirehair United Kingdom 06-09-2010
Gonegos Karoly At Fassfields 15371 male Zöldmáli Dukat at GonegosGonegos Csardas At Janousa Wirehair United Kingdom 24-03-2007
Herlinga Cwenburg 86531 female Herlinga HerveusKisdon Xcels At Herlinga Wirehair United Kingdom 22-02-2013
Ipor von der Wrangelsburg At Culdrein 121025 KC AT0903865 / VUV 16-UD-0758 male Csövárberki FinancEkes von der Wrangelsburg Wirehair Germany 01-04-2016
Jakatta at Redrafi du Domaine Saint Hubert 102448 KC AR0904963 / LOF 710570 female Ecosse du Domaine Saint HubertCrapette du Domaine Saint Hubert Wirehair France 16-06-2014
Leiborschy Keero 15242 male Ragnolds AtalikLanspar Tarkony of Leiborschy Wirehair United Kingdom 07-11-2006
Merrywood First Edition 14924 male Starshot First KnightSilvanus Merry Megan Wirehair United Kingdom 24-05-2005
Misty Kara At Travaillant 14663 female Zachary des Champs des Dunes At GonegosGonegos Macha Wirehair United Kingdom 08-07-2004
Moricroft Moon River To Mereoni 32855 female Zöldmáli Dukat at GonegosMoricroft Mimosa Wirehair United Kingdom 22-06-2009
Napvirág Dolgos Arló 44607 KCSB 1435DB / MET DSZMV 5203/12 male Zöldmáli CselesZöldmáli Deres Wirehair Hungary 07-08-2012
Ragnolds Atalik 14821 KC AE03872507 male Cikolai KalászRagnolds Coppelia Wirehair United Kingdom 13-07-2004
Ragnolds Meadow Brown At Amiryck 14355 female Gyarmat-Erdei CsauszRagnolds Szel Enek Wirehair United Kingdom 16-09-2003
Ragnolds Quetsch 16076 female Zöldmáli AvarRagnolds Painted Lady Wirehair United Kingdom 26-10-2008
Ragnolds Striker 15103 male Zöldmáli AvarRagnolds Szel Enek Wirehair United Kingdom 23-02-2006
Silvanus Ezmi 13986 female Blamtrinever BombadierSilvanus Absolutely Fab Wirehair United Kingdom 05-12-2002
Zöldmáli Vodka 82723 KCSB 1875DB / MET DSZMV 5318/13 male Fürdöhazi RalfZöldmáli Irisz Wirehair Hungary 28-01-2013