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Name ID Reg# Sex Sire Dam Breed Country of birth Born (D/M/Y)
Tarndair Starncreake 35311 male Leiborschy WilfekMillie Of Riyel At Tarndair Wirehair United Kingdom 04-09-2010
Starshot Dream Keeper At Casapeluda 15082 female Jakabhegyi-Vadász AraszStarshot Ladyhawke Wirehair United Kingdom 17-04-2006
Ribblewater Cute Constance 46259 female Silvanus Oh Oh SevenKisdons Virtue Wirehair United Kingdom 06-02-2011
Marcell Due 102969 male Haychlo AlexZöldmáli Zserbö Wirehair United Kingdom 02-09-2014
Kisdons Unique Addition For Insfraigh 14722 female Zachary des Champs des Dunes At GonegosKisdon's Nimble Wirehair United Kingdom 18-11-2004
Gonegos Love Yer Madly At Hayganwire 15485 female Zöldmáli Dukat at GonegosGonegos Sarika Wirehair United Kingdom 04-06-2007
Falcongreen Ambrus 15396 male Zöldmáli FurkeszBessy Danúbius at Falcongreen Wirehair United Kingdom 30-04-2007
Elfennau California 89270 female Zöldmáli Szimat at StarshotStarshot Isobel Wirehair United Kingdom 21-09-2013
Ambermoore Tanzanite Blue At Miadsc 100189 KCSB 2701DA female Zöldmáli Samu of LanokkWarrenby Highlander at Ambermoore Wirehair United Kingdom 20-04-2014