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Derby's Pink Tie Affair at Grouse Point

Artisan Grouse Point Pink Panther

Copper Creek Toscanini's GSM

Szizlin's Soar 'N Pfalcon

Copper Creek CV's Whoanel'e

Grouspt Semprfi Vorosakapink

Bayview's Tradewind

Grouse PT Semper Fi Bougainville
Derby's I Told You So

Olde Ridge Soar'n Pfalcon's Hudson

Szizlin's Soar 'N Pfalcon

Tivoliz Cpr Crk You're So Vain
Derby's Mint Julep

Jim Mar's Tarot
Boshar's Not A Cloud In The Sky

Pinewood N Pura Vida's Playing With Fire

Vizcaya's Return Of The Cisco Kid

Vizcaya's Fantasy Finish

Encounter A Duke Fantasy

Vizcaya's Vilettia Bella

Vizcaya's Dancing Calla Lily

Kallmee The Natl Inquirer

Vizcaya's Last Dance

Pura Vida's Mid Summer Night Dream

Renaissance Lord Of Th'Dance

Kizmar Caveat's Wild Ride

Renaissance Gift Of Grace

Vizcaya's Vana Heroic Dreamer

Caveat's Tanoka Vad Vihar

Vizcaya's Kallmee Savannah
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.

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