Fieldstone's Tip Top Maggie

Registration#: AKC SD877237
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 30 JUN 1983
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

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Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Carol Feder,
Shirley Rothan,
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Good

OFA: VZ-2221
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The Weimaraner Pedigrees
Detailed Breeding info
Sire Am DC AFC NAFC Fieldstone's Tip Top Timmy - ID: 72626, (male), 1974-8-7, AKC SB925399, Shorthair, United States
Dam Am DC Redef's Hellza Poppin - ID: 71110, (female), 1976-7-13, AKC SC006761, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Normal
Litter 1
Am DC AFC Papago SamssonCD MH - ID: 9951, (male), 1982-8-1, AKC SD599064, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Normal
  1. Am Ch AFC Fieldstone's Tip Top Mr T - ID: 42817, (male), 1985-8-24, AKC SE434655, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Excellent
  2. Fieldstone's Miss Demeanor - ID: 60261, (female), 1985-8-24, AKC SE663787, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Excellent
Full Siblings
  1. Am DC AFC Fieldstone's Tip Top Chester - ID: 59188, (male), 1978-12-23, AKC SC716137, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Normal
  2. Am Ch Beau Jangles II - ID: 59004, (male), 1980-3-30, AKC SC892595, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Normal
  3. Am Ch Miss Scarlet O'Hara Berry - ID: 45734, (female), 1980-3-30, AKC SC899927, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Normal
  4. Rebel Szekeres Fieldstone - ID: 361447, (male), 1980-3-30, AKC SC927574, Shorthair, United States
  5. Bright Flame In Autumn FieldsCD - ID: 59005, (male), 1983-6-30, AKC SD802036, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Good
  6. Sundowner's Lady McBeth - ID: 72846, (female), 1983-6-30, AKC SE236426, Shorthair, United States
  7. Autumn's Amber Flame - ID: 59003, (female), 1984-8-16, AKC SE182174, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Good
  8. Camarily Golden Rule - ID: 59006, (female), 1984-8-16, AKC SE175763, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Fair
  9. Am Ch Premier's Prime Of FieldstoneMH NAVHDA NA Pz I / UT Pz III - ID: 72835, (female), 1984-8-16, AKC SE113397 / NAVHDA VI-000001, Shorthair, United States
Half-Siblings on Sire's side
  1. Kublai Khan of Arpad - ID: 442392, (male), 1981-6-9, AKC SF054263, Shorthair, United States
  2. Am Ch/VC Titus Vespasian Of TomelMH NAVHDA UT Pz I/IT - ID: 59450, (male), 1982-4-15, AKC SD631940 / NAVHDA VI-000002, Shorthair, United States, OFA-Normal
  3. Am Ch J K Genuine RiskCD MH - ID: 72754, (male), 1983-4-19, AKC SD843855, Shorthair, United States
Half-Siblings on Dam's side

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