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name sire dam sex birth year
J & B Teenie Weenie RooRusty Boy III Mal Lady Molly female 2004
J & J's 'Jasmine' SullivanCrimson's Twenty Gauge Ruger Onpoint's Crowned Victoria female 2007
J & J's BlueRusty Lee Ray Ruby Jo Harris female 2015
J and D'D JossieGVK Char's Red Baron Char's Sassy Gretchen female 1991
J And D's Big MackOakview's Fritz Bulle'ts J And D's Golden Sally Jo male 1983
J And D's Golden Sally JoOakview's Fritz Bulle'ts Oakview's Minnie Scooter female 1980
J And J Grand DutchessBrandy King Golden Candy female 1971
J And J JammerRebel Rouser Jake XI Jade's Midnight Brandy female 2003
J And J Miss ReaganAscherl Katlyn Nickelodian Anasztaizia Rubina May female 2002
J And J Rebel Rouser DutchessRebel Rouser Reck Rebel Rouser Maggie May II female 1992
J And J's Magnificent MaggieBehi Red Chief Reaghan's Effervescent Brook female 1994
J And L Red Rover Of RosadahlPopple Dungeon Paul Revere Rozlyn Of Rosadahl male 1989
J And L's Miss BellaSam's Ace In the Hole Abby Tankings Miss Trixy female 2016
J And R Rustus V E CedarSam's Beni N J's Dixie of So Lehigh male 1983
J And S KeeperGomers Baby Boys Quail Jenni's Pumkin Snap female 1997
J And S PumpkinRoy's Boy Rebel J And S Keeper female 1999
J B's Lakeside JudyPiper's Sippican Oliver Twist Sippican's Compass Rose female 1995
J CBrok Olca Osborn's Copper Lady female 1962
J C PridePrince Dispus Dore Summerhoney male 1967
J C's Sandy Celin CooperHa Ja's Rambling Rusty Ha Ja Rebel Rouser Spice female 2003
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