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name sire dam sex birth year
A Levi On The Wind Just Spike Chicquitaa male 2017
A Life Of HopeRussetmantle Fisher Bargeo's Chili Pepper male 2003
A Little Spice of DixieFraus' Big Boy Of Christendom Fraus' Royal Princess female 1996
A Love So BeautifulFourlums Tavaszi Kisdons Done It Again female 2019
A Nobleman's Lone WarriorFor The Love Of Rusty Schabens Ridge Ruby male 2007
A Plus What's Left When You're RightTater Dew Shaboom S-N-B's Missy Ally Meadow female 2016
A R's Fearless FlyerWillie-Gina's Windjammer Bo Sassy's Kis Lany female 1989
A Reflection Of BeautyMidas's Golden Boy Swift Encounter female 2011
A Rusted DeaughCherokee's Dakota / The Cherokee's Dakota Thunder Hearts Bess Knows male 1995
A Star Is BornChuluk Flintstones Geltwood Andorra female 2019
A Summer Night's Song Cricket *O Mega Zeeva female 2014
A Thing Called LoveGreentimbers Briar Oroshaza Aniko female 2006
A to Psikus Z Posiadlości Szaleństwa FCINero Dwa Bratanki Bajlando i do przodu Brave Team FCI male 2021
A Touch of RazzmatazzRoss Diamond Goma Edition Jazz's Sandy Journey male 1997
A Whisper of Russet Leather Totton's Jo-B Russet Leather Olga Budapesti female 1973
A-Blecky male 2010
A-Cicuta Rey De Celis Reina De CazaVadállókövi Vadasz Felebarat von Waldburg female 2002
A-DinaLuppa-Vadász Delceg Alma Dunamenti female
A-Findus vom WaldhangNapvirág Dolgos Armand Hela vom Steinberg male 2018
A-Franziska vom WaldhangNapvirág Dolgos Armand Hela vom Steinberg female 2018
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