Eng Sh Ch Kazval Hugo Boss

Sex: male
Date of Birth: 19 NOV 2007
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 6.519%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Mr. Frank Whyte [ Kazval ],
Some medical information:
Hips: Hipscore
Hipscore: 4/3

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Eng Sh Ch Kazval Hugo Boss

Aus Ch/Eng Sh Ch Hungargunn Bear Itn Mind

Aus GrCh Hubertus Dealers Choice

Aus GrCh Hubertus Special Edition (AI)
Am/Can Ch Boelte's Tribute to Panderre CD JH

Aus Ch Aranyoz Huncut Holgy
Aus Ch Hubertus Liberty Bell

Aus Ch Pitswarren Judah of Hubertus

Aus/NZ Ch Heart N Soul of Szep-Allat

Aus Ch Hungargunn Unforgettable
Aus Ch Humeden Rousset Roland ET

Aus Ch Gardenway Kedvenc Andes
Aus Ch Hanafor Lady Haversham
Aus Ch Hanafor Feldon Chance

Aus Ch Hanafor Lord Stafford
Aus Ch Aranka Werham Arnica
Kazval Kiss 'N' Tell Eng Sh Ch Lilymere Border Raider at Glendun

Eng Sh Ch Castlefield Mill Lane

Eng Sh Ch Captain Quincey of Glendun

Eng Sh Ch Castlefield Rhapsody in Blue
Lilymere River Liza Eng Sh Ch Chilsham Shropshire Lad
Blue Rhapsody
Kazval Kournikova Captain Jeeves of Glendun

Eng Sh Ch Stregaya Fleet

Eng Sh Ch Castlefield Windmill Girl
Kazval Kappellini

Eng Sh Ch Vaternish Bronze Star at Lowerdon
Russetmantle Easter of Wyndsmoor

Mating Partners: 19
Stanegate Sweet Pea
Bitcon Lady Penelope
Morgate Cool Water
Bitcon Gold Ring
Bitcon African Gold
Mustwork Wood Breeze
Aikton Crista
Ninebanks Peace of Mind
Nicael Moonlight
Etlantis Petronus
Bitcon Coral Bay
Bitcon Maid In Style
Bitcon Potions And Spells
Bitcon Magical Whispers at Oakswarren
Hunterheck Anastasia
Bitcon Femme Fatale
Ninebanks Autumnus At Mintholme
Feldkirk Florentine
Bitcon Star Secret at Layways

Offspring: 160
Bitcon Barberry
Bitcon Bilberry
Bitcon Blastaway
Bitcon Bush Ranger
Bitcon Celtic Flame at Roshaana
Bitcon Dancing Feet
Bitcon Debutante
Bitcon Elderberry
Bitcon First Issue
Bitcon Flame of Fortune
Bitcon Foxberry
Bitcon Gold Lily for Faybalfields
Bitcon Jesper
Bitcon Juneberry
Bitcon Kindred Spirit
Bitcon Kristal Moon
Bitcon Latest Addition
Bitcon Loganberry
Bitcon Made'n Issue
Bitcon Miss Molly Malone
Bitcon Oh So Sweet
Bitcon On Your Marks
Bitcon One Step Closer
Bitcon Paparazzi
Bitcon Picture This
Bitcon Puppet On A String
Bitcon Rock And Roll
Bitcon Royal Consort
Bitcon Royal Inquisition
Bitcon Royale Edition
Bitcon Salmonberry
Bitcon Sheer Elegance
Bitcon Smart Move
Bitcon Snap Crackle N'pop
Bitcon Time Will Tell
Bitcon Top of the Class
Bitcon Total Design
Bitcon Wild Tyme
Bitcon Wish On A Star
Chase the Dream
Class Act
Etlantis Aquae Sulis
Etlantis Coria
Etlantis Dubris
Etlantis Eboracum
Etlantis Vectis
Feldkirk Dawn Run
Feldkirk Desert Gold
Feldkirk Fair Play
Feldkirk Night Raid
Feldkirk Sadler's Wells
Feldkirk Sea Biscuit
Feldkirk Total Eclipse
Ferndel Bugatti
Ferndel Butterfly
Ferndel Fairytale
Ferndel Florentine
Ferndel Houdini
Ferndel Little Wizard
Ferndel Lord Of The Dance
Ferndel Private Dancer
Ferndel Rock Of Gibraltar
Ferndel Royal Flush
Firesparkler Billie Jean
Forrest Nymph
Girls Aloud
Hunterheck Andrew Blamey
Hunterheck Charles Poldark
Hunterheck Demelza
Hunterheck Drake
Hunterheck Elizabeth
Hunterheck Jud Paynter
Hunterheck Prudie Paynter
Hunterheck Ross Poldark
Hunterheck Sweet Sunrise
Just Koko
Kandymal All Time Favourite
Kandymal First N'foremost
Kandymal Just Perfect
Kandymal Love At First Sight
Kandymal My Everything
Kandymal Out The Ordinary
Kandymal Personal Best
Kandymal The One And Only
Kandymal Unrivalled Love
Kandymal Wish Fullfilled
Kazval Clean Sweep
Kazval Comic Court
Kazval Diplomat
Kazval Empire Rose
Kazval Golden Summer at Feldkirk
Kazval Indian Summer
Kazval Just A Dash
Kazval Media Puzzle At Jayolay
Kazval Royal Descent
Kazval Silver Knight
Lady Marmalade
Layways Contradiction
Layways Crystal
Layways Joop
Layways Stella
Live the Dream
Love Charm
Lucky Jim
Marquell Enrique
Marquell Entertainer
Marquell Espionage
Marquell Estee Lauder
Marquell Eternal Flame
Marquell Eternal Glory
Marquell Expresso
Marquell Extreme
Mintholme Bossanova with Mariank
Mintholme Cha Cha
Mintholme Jive
Mintholme Paso Doble
Mintholme Quickstep
Mintholme Samba
Mintholme Tango
Mintholme Waltz
Nicael Fleurie
Nicael Flora
Nicael Fontana
Nicael Fortino
Nicael Franco
Nicael Frascati
Nicael Freemark
Nicael Fronsac
Nicael Fruska
Ninebanks Apollo
Ninebanks Ares
Ninebanks Artemis
Ninebanks Athena
Ninebanks Calliope
Ninebanks Crius
Ninebanks Demeter
Ninebanks Dyonysus
Ninebanks Gaia
Ninebanks Hemera
Ninebanks Hera
Ninebanks Hermes
Ninebanks Nesoi
Ninebanks Oceanus
Ninebanks Pluto
Ninebanks Polyhymnia
Ninebanks Zeus
Oakswarren Athena
Oakswarren Aurora
Oakswarren Hyperion
Oakswarren Luna
Oakswarren Pandora
Oakswarren Phoenix
Oakswarren Sirius
Oakswarren Vega
Our Fair Lady
Roxy Music
Silver Llining
Special Blend
Touch the Stars
Wish N'Kiss
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Siblings: 14
Kazval Hall Mark Of Roughshoot
Kazval Halle Berry
Kazval Handyman
Kazval Hear And Now
Kazval Heartstone
Kazval Helissio
Kazval Helvelin
Kazval Hi Jinx
Kazval High As A Kite
Kazval High Society at Tokaji
Kazval Historian
Kazval Hope And Glory
Kazval Hyperion At Woodglade
Kazval Hypnotist

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