Eng Sh Ch Bitcon Skymaster With Silvestre ShCM

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Registration#: KCSB 3401CV
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 10 JUN 2009
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 3.058%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Mr. Moray Armstrong [ Bitcon ],
Rachel Savage [ Silvestre ],
Some medical information:
Hips: Hipscore
Hipscore: 7/8

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Eng Sh Ch Bitcon Skymaster With Silvestre ShCM

Aus Ch/Eng Sh Ch Hungargunn Bear Itn Mind

Aus GrCh Hubertus Dealers Choice

Aus GrCh Hubertus Special Edition (AI)
Am/Can Ch Boelte's Tribute to Panderre CD JH

Aus Ch Aranyoz Huncut Holgy
Aus Ch Hubertus Liberty Bell

Aus Ch Pitswarren Judah of Hubertus

Aus/NZ Ch Heart N Soul of Szep-Allat

Aus Ch Hungargunn Unforgettable
Aus Ch Humeden Rousset Roland ET

Aus Ch Gardenway Kedvenc Andes
Aus Ch Hanafor Lady Haversham
Aus Ch Hanafor Feldon Chance

Aus Ch Hanafor Lord Stafford
Aus Ch Aranka Werham Arnica
Stanegate Sweet Pea Helmlake Toy Boy Visnyei-Vadász Koma Pitypang Boros
Visnyei-Vadász Cifi
Helmlake Lovefool

Int/Hun/Eng Sh Ch Kilátó-Téri Fürge Mokány of Helmlake
Helmlake Veedam
Bitcon Fable Captain Jeeves of Glendun

Eng Sh Ch Stregaya Fleet

Eng Sh Ch Castlefield Windmill Girl
Kazval Kassia

Eng Sh Ch Vaternish Bronze Star at Lowerdon
Russetmantle Easter of Wyndsmoor

Mating Partners: 10
Silvestre Click My Heels with Carnlochan
Silvestre Wicked
Chulak I Will Try
Silvestre Ruby Slippers
Envagyok National Treasure
Roughshoot Exhibitionist at Silvestre
Silvestre Shake Yr Booty
Roughshoot Giselle
Roughshoot Hey Ho
Roughshoot Infra Red at Silvestre

Offspring: 159
Carnlochan Button Moon
Carnlochan Captain Caveman
Carnlochan Cities of Gold
Carnlochan Hong Kong Phooey
Carnlochan Little Miracle
Carnlochan Wacky Races
Carnlochan Willo the Wisp
Golden Corn
Hungerdown Lily
Roughshoot Jasmine
Roughshoot Jemima
Roughshoot Joie De Vivre
Roughshoot Jubilation of Hanalei
Roughshoot Juniper
Roughshoot La Di Dah
Roughshoot Lancelot
Roughshoot Lazarus
Roughshoot Lillibet
Roughshoot Lincoln
Roughshoot Lollipop
Roughshoot Lord Helpus
Silvestre Ace
Silvestre Advantage
Silvestre Ambition
Silvestre Armani
Silvestre Athlete
Silvestre Attraction
Silvestre Big Apple
Silvestre Blazing Saddles
Silvestre Born To Be Wild
Silvestre Broadway
Silvestre Brooklyn
Silvestre Calamity Jane
Silvestre Captain Morgan Among Campione
Silvestre Catwalk
Silvestre Challenge
Silvestre Chanel
Silvestre Chrysler
Silvestre Coco Chanel
Silvestre Colour Me Orange
Silvestre Courageous
Silvestre Couturier
Silvestre Crazy Love
Silvestre Curious
Silvestre Dare To Dream
Silvestre Determination
Silvestre Deuce
Silvestre Empire State
Silvestre Envy
Silvestre Exclusive
Silvestre Femme Fatale
Silvestre Fifth Avenue
Silvestre Flame
Silvestre Frisky
Silvestre Glammer Queen
Silvestre Goose Bumps
Silvestre Gucci
Silvestre Hawkeye
Silvestre He Who Dares Wins
Silvestre Hello Boys
Silvestre Hooked On A Feelin
Silvestre Jelly Bean
Silvestre Joyful
Silvestre Kiss Me Kate
Silvestre Kissable
Silvestre Liberty
Silvestre Little Bear
Silvestre Look At Me
Silvestre Love Story
Silvestre Lucky
Silvestre Lunar Eclipse
Silvestre Manhattan
Silvestre Match Point
Silvestre Moves Like Jagger
Silvestre Olympia
Silvestre One And Only
Silvestre Oo La La
Silvestre Orange Edition
Silvestre Paint Thetown Red
Silvestre Perfection
Silvestre Phoenix
Silvestre Pimms O'Clock
Silvestre Prada
Silvestre Red Edition
Silvestre Rockefeller
Silvestre Sassy
Silvestre Scream
Silvestre Shooting Star
Silvestre Silhouette
Silvestre Star Light
Silvestre Star Struck
Silvestre Starquest
Silvestre Style
Silvestre Sundance Kid
Silvestre Swagger
Silvestre Temptress
Silvestre Tickle Me Pink
Silvestre Tie Break
Silvestre Top Spin
Silvestre Twenty Twelve
Silvestre Ursula Minor
Silvestre Va Va Voom
Silvestre Valentino
Silvestre Valour
Silvestre Vamoose
Silvestre Vanilla
Silvestre Vanquish
Silvestre Velvet Wallaroo
Silvestre Venus
Silvestre Versace
Silvestre Vintage
Silvestre Vision For Torrumstep
Silvestre Vivacious
Silvestre Vogue
Silvestre Wall Street
Silvestre Wandering Star
Silvestre What A Thrill
Silvestre Whip Crack Away
Silvestre Wild West
Silvestre Xrated
Silvestre's Gamora
Silvestre's I Am Groot
Silvestre's Infinity Stone
Silvestre's Inspiration
Silvestre's Rocket Racoon
Silvestre's Star Lord
Silvestre's Yondu
Sweet Rose
Vibrant Daisy
Waldecke Breeze
Waldecke Carolina
Waldecke Cascabel
Waldecke Chile Pepper
Waldecke Chimayo
Waldecke De Li
Waldecke Diablo
Waldecke Habanero
Waldecke Harvest Moon
Waldecke Hazy Summer
Waldecke Heatwave
Waldecke Mist
Waldecke Pimento
Waldecke Raa Raa
Waldecke Summer Breeze
Waldecke Sunny Skies
Waldecke Upsy Daisy
Wallaroo All That Jazz
Wallaroo Blue Jean
Wallaroo Bowie
Wallaroo China Girl
Wallaroo Diamond
Wallaroo Dolce Rosa
Wallaroo Golden Years
Wallaroo Heroes
Wallaroo Horizon
Wallaroo Rebel Rebel
Wallaroo Rugged
Wallaroo Wonderlust
Wallaroo Ziggy
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Siblings: 27
Bitcon Beatrix Potter
Bitcon Castaway
Bitcon Challenger
Bitcon Chantilly Lace
Bitcon Charles Dickens
Bitcon Cream Cassanova
Bitcon Daydream
Bitcon Dream Searcher
Bitcon Dreamer
Bitcon Flame
Bitcon Golden Ice of Solencia
Bitcon Imperial Flower
Bitcon Lady Penelope
Bitcon Lillianna
Bitcon Magic Spell
Bitcon Octavious
Bitcon Perfect Pupil
Bitcon River Of Fortune
Bitcon Rose Cinder
Bitcon Sapphire Mist
Bitcon Scarlet Rose
Bitcon Star Appeal
Bitcon Starchaser
Bitcon Sweet Dreams At Marquell
Bitcon Titan
Bitcon True Topic
Bitcon Victoria

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