Atlas The Powerful Warrior

Sex: male
Date of Birth: 14 MAY 2014
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 4.327%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Some medical information:
Hips: Hipscore
Hipscore: 3/3
Eye Test: PLA grade 2 (2020-01)

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Atlas The Powerful Warrior Trigger Happy Tommy Rezista Double Flash

Eng Ch Alsziv Pasque

Eng Sh Ch Szappanos Szeivacs of Abbeystag

Eng Sh Ch Hookside Sounds Of Silence at Alsziv
Russetmantle Damsel Eng Ch Nicael Rully
Russetmantle Apple
Summer Gold Lady Lilymere Midas Reviseted Tragus Time Lord
Lilymere River Liza
Furnfeather Jo Jo Galfrid Edward
Galaway Persuader
Moonshine Ruby King Pin Ponsonby Fourth Time Around Bournehouse Winter Wizard by Ponsonby
Rimmells Pearly Queen
Sugár Romanc for Chulak Hun J/Hun Sh/Hun GrCh Sugár Eszes VAV
Sugár Greti
Mystical Breeze Fern Raider Castledogley Ben-hur
Furnfeather Rosie
Milly Garth Galfrid Edward
Anything For You

Mating Partners: 16
Copperbarrow Britannia
Mystic Moonlight
Precious Prisca
Roetick Music Of Roxy
Threeisles Snowdrop
Atanka Atos
Angelic Upstart
Maizie Bell
Storming Heather
Tycwmdarrans Albali
Tycwmdarrans Natalia
Tycwmdarrans Zsofia
Caribbean Queen
Baban Sally
Pantybaban Red
Kentixen Queen Protector

Offspring: 156
Aberama Gold
Adhelm Commander
Aelfric Of Bebbanburg
Aelswith The Queen
Aethelred Lord Of Mercia
Amber Apple
Amber Precious Jewel
Among Angels
Anastasia Grand Duchess
Angelica Lady
Annuska Sweet Secret
Armani Ladette
Armani Lady
Armanis Lass
Artic Sword
Atticus World Sailor
Austie Susanna
Bertie Woostere
Boris The Lord
Bruising Bertha
Bruising Buster
Dance Diva
Diamond Oak
Emerald Elm
Fflam Gymraeg Fach
Flynn Rider Monty
Happy Harry Hastings
Harry Hastings
Henrietta Star
Henry Of The Valley
Henryville Of The Valley
Honey Bee Girl
Honeysuckle Lil
Intense Romance
Jack Of Baban
Jafar Red
Jakes Mischief
Joey Of Baban
Kalins Lass
Kenaiteen Axinite
Kenaiteen Carnelian
Kenaiteen Seraphinite
Kentixen Burning Love
Kentixen Crossfire
Kentixen Firecracker
Kentixen Firedance
Kentixen Firework
Kentixen Golden Glow
Kentixen Relight My Fire
Kentixen Ring O'fire
Kenynten Bagel Beauty
Kenynten Brave Baguette
Kenynten Ciabatta Charm
Kenynten Fancy Focaccia
Kenynten Gold Standard
Kenynten Golddust
Kenynten Golden Wonder
Kenynten Goldplated
Kenynten Good As Gold
Kenynten Heart Of Gold
Kenynten Pot Of Gold
Kenynten Precious Panini
Kenynten Struck Gold
Kenynten Sweet Sourdough
Lady Susie
Little Henry
Long Field Boat
Lord Jake
Lorelli Jake
Maddi Mayhem
Magic Moon
Magic Moonlight
Marnie Maggie
Marthas Quest
Matildas Dream
Max Of Baban
Max Of The Valley
Megara Field Snip
Minella Maggie
Minty Jones
Misty Mountain Apple Pie
Mutleys Double
Mutleys Dream
Nordic Star
Opal Cherry
Paco Lad
Pearl Pear
Porsha The Princess
Porta Rosa
Powerful Harry
Princess Porsha
Prism Belle
Red Rock Boy
Rely On Me
Rickerty Jake
Roxys Treasure
Seren Beech
Sharpie Joe
Star Of The Valley
Susies Star
Suzies Starlette
Sweeping Bertha
The Golden Boy
The Lovely Lewey
The Viking
Topaz Willow
Tycwmdarrans Actress
Tycwmdarrans Adventure
Tycwmdarrans Artistic
Tycwmdarrans Berry Beauty
Tycwmdarrans Big Move
Tycwmdarrans Bohemian
Tycwmdarrans Buddha
Tycwmdarrans Celebrity
Tycwmdarrans Conqueror
Tycwmdarrans Deep Sunset
Tycwmdarrans Defender
Tycwmdarrans Dramatic Sky
Tycwmdarrans Dreamy Dawn
Tycwmdarrans Eccentric
Tycwmdarrans Exotic
Tycwmdarrans Expressive
Tycwmdarrans Fire Burns
Tycwmdarrans Free Of Spirit
Tycwmdarrans Golden Streak
Tycwmdarrans Guardian
Tycwmdarrans Hua
Tycwmdarrans Journey
Tycwmdarrans King Coconut
Tycwmdarrans Lady Lime
Tycwmdarrans Lead Lady
Tycwmdarrans Lone Wolf
Tycwmdarrans Lord Lemon
Tycwmdarrans Lotus
Tycwmdarrans Mango Master
Tycwmdarrans Maverick
Tycwmdarrans Mica's Sparkle
Tycwmdarrans Moon
Tycwmdarrans Natural Amber
Tycwmdarrans New Home
Tycwmdarrans Outlandish
Tycwmdarrans Plum Princess
Tycwmdarrans Prime Mover
Tycwmdarrans Proud Peach
Tycwmdarrans Queen Kiwi
Tycwmdarrans Red Night
Tycwmdarrans Sheshan
Tycwmdarrans Suxian
Tycwmdarrans Travel
Tycwmdarrans Trip
Tycwmdarrans Victor
Tycwmdarrans Voyage
Tycwmdarrans Western
Tycwmdarrans Yushan
Viking Pebbles
Warrior Of Pantybaban
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Siblings: 28
Alectrona Morning Sun
Aphrodite Stealer Of Hearts
Apollo Archer Of The Sun
Aristaeus Brave Protector
Artemis Silver Huntress
Asteria Lady Of The Stars
Athena Goddess Of Wisdom
Dionysus Bringer Of Joy
Electra Bright Star
Ellisa Beautiful Princess
Ginger Tommy Blue
Hebe Moonlight Beauty
Helios Golden Warrior
Heracles Divine Protector
Hesperus Evening Starlight
Khrysos Golden Spirit
Kratos Strong And Mighty
Leandros The Lionheart
Nyx Goddess Of The Night
Phosphorus Shining Star
Sunshine Ruby Red
Tartaus Stormy Warrior
Theia Glorious Light
Theseus Heroic And Wise
Watson Cyrus The Faithful
Wilson The Brave Lionheart
Xylia Willow Tree Spirit
Zeus Master Of Thunder Bolts

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