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Name ID Reg# Sex Sire Dam Breed Country of birth Born (D/M/Y)
Alexa 70624 NOREG1296238 female Shorthair United States 22-11-2003
Baron's Red Stealth 65623 AKC SR12689903 male Bo Knox AskimNikki Dukat Starr Shorthair United States 08-11-2003
Bela Whistler 66053 AKC SR00237309 female Diamond Bo WapsieDougs Maggie Red Ace Shorthair United States 29-01-2002
Bridgmans Can-Dee Kiss-Is O'Mine 92652 AKC SR68873701 female Bridgmans Cowboy BootsMika Glow Of Redstone Shorthair United States 07-07-2011
Chrisands Rdk Tucker 66215 AKC SR23332006 male Kizmar Touch Of EvilChrisand's Rustic Royalty Shorthair United States 17-12-2004
Fort Bragg's Zee Princess Zoe 69281 AKC SR66882903 female Heelmark's Bold And BrodaciousPrincess Peach Shorthair United States 12-02-2011
Go Get Em Chester On Red Dog Hill 82791 AKC SR75084704 male Sun Cruisers HeliosSonsteby's My Little Beeza Shorthair United States 29-09-2012
Jackpot Bella Girl 68728 AKC SR61510806 female Jackpot BuckarooJackpot Koda Shorthair United States 28-03-2010
K-D Sunshine 65646 AKC SR09243902 female Becker's Red BanditAmber II Sunshine Shorthair United States 05-06-2003
Majesty Queen Penelope Grand 37769 AKC SN84643102 female Mehagian's Indiana JonesIndian Creek Jenny Hunter Shorthair United States 19-05-2001
Mesterhazi Cafka Chamois 67038 AKC SR27569903 female Mesterhazi Csillag StarGotta Get Mac's Musket Shorthair United States 22-05-2005
Miss Murray Pifer Point 65293 AKC SR13318104 female Mr G's Russet Hunter DukeBorn Reddy Ginger Shorthair United States 16-12-2003
Nutmeg Autumn Reiche 66875 AKC SR31458201 female Jo Jo's Rusty To The PointChestnut Hazel Johnson-Reiche Shorthair United States 31-12-2005
Pitypang Herceg 96559 AKC SR83481401 / NAVHDA VI-001653 / MET MV 00311/14/A male Magor SámánPitypang Trikó Shorthair Hungary 14-12-2013
Rockamazoo Lucy 68617 AKC SR44091103 female Rebel Rouser Red Ranger IIUpwind Lil Annie Shorthair United States 07-08-2007
Rudy Mcqueen Abel 68776 AKC SR64633703 male ZekesterSugar Creek Josie Shorthair United States 21-10-2010
Rusty Dog Ranch Kiowa 70162 AKC SR55633601 female Reddog Ranch DakotaAnimosh Meoquanee Sequoia Shorthair United States 16-03-2009
Sienna Pointe AC McAllister's Keeper Of The Dream 67948 AKC SR54935202 male AC Cooper of SunnysideSunnyside Dawn's Kaleidoscope Shorthair United States 18-02-2009
Windrunner's Justice 65226 AKC SN73410905 male Boumans Against The WindWindrunner's Sentimental Journey Shorthair United States 29-04-2000