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Name ID Reg# Sex Sire Dam Breed Country of birth Born (D/M/Y)
All Jazzed Up 68222 AKC SR24619002 female Brauners Tracker DownJagger And Abigale's Maggie Shorthair United States 20-03-2005
Boulder Oak Sergeant 63729 AKC SN71086308 / NAVHDA VI-000243 male Vadászfai GaraBoulder Oak Penny Shorthair United States 18-02-2000
Copper Roach Anderson 70183 AKC SR63889603 female Pete's Last NamesakeMaggie's 2nd Surprise Shorthair United States 27-07-2010
Duchess Daisy Duke 67361 AKC SR34403906 female Kick Em Up A Shot Of JDR&R Midwest Dream Stormy June Shorthair United States 18-04-2006
King Baltazar The Wise One 68974 AKC SR38230207 male Desert Duke Sunset Rider *Gilmore's Sarah Mackenzie Shorthair United States 16-11-2006
Michigan 67866 AKC SR19106109 male Rugers Red FlannelOldhills Zeeda Days Shorthair United States 02-08-2004
Mondai's Magyar Nairobi 66176 AKC SR39363102 female Copper Creek's Rose's Red ZackSzizlin's Autumn Hunter Shorthair United States 11-12-2006
Quincidental Rebel 67275 AKC SR27537007 male Rebel Rouser TannerRiplock's Liz Shorthair United States 14-07-2005
Rock-Pen To Hunt Dlb 62032 AKC SN50182501 female Robbie's Bo BoAsk-Pen To Hunt DLB Shorthair United States 13-12-1997
Sierra Sage Mumma 66722 AKC SR61474301 female Rebel Rouser Hot PursuitMadeline II Shorthair United States 20-02-2010
Sleepy Hollow Tico By Legacy 65300 AKC SN90680408 male Jaybar's Lonestar LegacySleepy Hollow's Petra Shorthair United States 15-03-2002
Solaris Schools Out 111827 AKC SR85440604 male Regal Point Pinnacle Of KilaueaSolaris Dixie Diamond Shorthair United States 15-11-2014
Tejas Tesora 65608 AKC SR06119506 female Deadeye Texas WrightSully's Golden Briana Shorthair United States 02-02-2003
Whispering Sands Valley of Fire 104023 AKC SR76843801 female Kezdet's Russet Leather River WhisperWoodlands Red Hot Passion Shorthair United States 11-03-2013