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Name ID Reg# Sex Sire Dam Breed Country of birth Born (D/M/Y)
Bella Christian Rose 129596 AKC SR86193901 female Jace T MullerMuller's Bailley Violet Moon Shorthair United States 15-01-2015
Bonneterre Tikka 126969 CKC AE532161 female Egerton's Heart of the BandBonneterre Blazu Cleo Shorthair Canada 07-03-2013
Cincott's Miss Tilley 317516 CKC 1139252 / AKC SS03255705 female Rocky Top BourbonRocky Top Beretta Shorthair United States 06-01-2018
Ck Bella 118393 AKC SR83140602 female Ck Rommel's RudyWinddrifts Sonic Shorthair United States 21-05-2014
Dynata's Bound To Own It All 286537 CKC 1139484 / AKC SS04737002 / NAVHDA VI-001834 female Grousebend's Blazes Of GloryDynata's Bound To Be Shooting For It All / Dynata's Bound To Shoot For It Shorthair United States 22-03-2018
Fawa-Wr Hope Springs Eternal 67972 AKC SR41499403 female Bajnok Dances With FalconsWindrunner's Fawa Fiery Salsa Shorthair United States 06-04-2007
Kenai's Independence Day 130919 AKC SR88378506 male Just Manton's Sky KenaiTea Kutya Bartar Curtis Shorthair United States 04-07-2015
Kizmar Calibre Lingonberry Mimosa 420085 AKC SS19342209 female Kizmar Justice For AllKizmar When Pigs Fly Shorthair United States 19-05-2020
Menny Kaiju Blue 443175 AKC SS21840502 / NAVHDA VI-002098 female Kizmar Calibre Elite ExpressionistMenny Azonnali Medal Shorthair United States 02-09-2020
Olympic Persevering At Your Service 444428 AKC SS20622102 male Lea's Absolut Everybody Say Something!Isabelle de Kihivas Shorthair United States 28-07-2020
Pharaoh 130921 AKC SR92333601 male Luke XKennesaw's Piper Patton Shorthair United States 31-01-2016
PM's Hot Tottie 70378 AKC SR69036107 / NAVHDA VI-001067 female Kick Em Up A Shot Of JDMartinsen's Lil Pheasant Popper Shorthair United States 10-08-2011
Starcastle Fire Flight 207946 AKC SR98339601 female Starcastle's Silent HunterStarcastle's Rising From The Ashes Shorthair United States 14-04-2017
Thaddeus Hart-Breaker 67348 AKC SR49699906 male Just Spencer-A-OneMiss Adventure Shorthair United States 23-05-2008
Tommy 71260 NOREG1450542 male Shorthair United States 05-07-2009
Tradewind's Beecause I Can 500105 AKC SS26583305 male Rhapsody Writer's BlockTradewind's Ida Queen Bee Shorthair United States 20-05-2021
Varazs Nyar The Contessa 58288 CKC SL115182 female Kizmar Touch Of EvilFerngold Varazs Innovation Shorthair Canada 17-06-2006
Varazs Sarga Sunset 80350 CKC NL896444 female Varazs Kiraly Sassy SashaFerngold Varazs Innovation Shorthair Canada 26-06-2003
Vista's Notorious Rbg 434984 AKC SS13925402 female Boulder's N Fusion's Esprit De CorpsMudbone Firestorms Laws of Motion Shorthair United States 28-07-2019