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Name ID Reg# Sex Sire Dam Breed Country of birth Born (D/M/Y)
Morehay English Rose 13952 female Quodian's ChopinRagnolds Tengeri Szel At Morehay Wirehair United Kingdom 14-02-2002
Amiryck Atria 35362 female Harrigoss MarksmanRagnolds Meadow Brown At Amiryck Wirehair United Kingdom 05-08-2010
Morganna Hot Spice 86372 female Hejöcsabai Taltos At GonegosMorganna Allspice Wirehair United Kingdom 21-12-2012
Kisdons All Over Again 86660 female Zöldmáli Dukat at GonegosKisdons What A Dancer Wirehair United Kingdom 07-07-2013
Rhea Vicuska 124598 KC AT00754106 female Messi GarampartyGwaithmaes Juliet Bravo Wirehair United Kingdom 18-01-2016
Erdokot Drotos Rozsaszin 280708 female Áldozóvölgyi-Drótos Dabas for MorgannaGalamb Rozsaszin Wirehair United Kingdom 09-04-2018