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Name ID Reg# Sex Sire Dam Breed Country of birth Born (D/M/Y)
Starshot First Knight 6190 KC 03068001 male Quodian's ChopinRagnolds Pure Magic at Starshot Wirehair United Kingdom 11-07-2002
Willyswires Agnes 46731 KC AP02207307 female Nádiszellö Felho Of RotherfalkeKenmillix Hera Wirehair United Kingdom 28-03-2012
Zöldmáli U R Special 72748 KC AQ0902104 / MET DSZMV 5274/12 male Zöldmáli CselesZöldmáli Jo-jó Wirehair Hungary 12-12-2012
Travizda Skye 300938 KC AU02617008 female Postavölgyi Hubertus BatorBeckington Angsa Wirehair United Kingdom 11-06-2017
Lanspar Konnyu Szel 6272 KC U3534005U04 female Abafia Vezer at CastlefieldShannamaya Oenone Wirehair United Kingdom 19-07-1994
Zöldmáli Vadasz At Cragvallie 34910 KCSB 1434DB / MET DSZMV 4273/09 male Hejöcsabai DicsöségZöldmáli Alma Wirehair Hungary 04-02-2009
Zöldmáli Szeles Morganna 128703 KCSB 1740DC / KC AU0900380 / JR 70508 MV male Zöldmáli ExtremeZöldmáli Zala Wirehair Serbia and Montenegro (Yugoslavia) 25-08-2016
Zöldmáli Duna at Genlusa 96741 MET DSZMV 4661/10 female Zöldmáli HubaHejöcsabai Pikáns Wirehair Hungary 16-07-2010
Ayita Giorgio Armani 15183 male Leiborschy MelekSilvanus Scarlett O'Hara At Ayita Wirehair United Kingdom 07-08-2006
Leiborschy Remek 14342 male Gavic Gold Bullion of LeiborschyLanspar Tarkony of Leiborschy Wirehair United Kingdom 16-10-2003
Lyharr Angyalka 46559 female Hejöcsabai Taltos At GonegosGonegos Proud Mary Wirehair United Kingdom 30-11-2011
Silvanus George Best At Wassermusik 15158 male Silvanus Charlie Chaplin At CharosmackThrostlenest Miz Monipenny Of Silvanus Wirehair United Kingdom 07-04-2006
Starshot Danos 14051 male Gyarmat-Erdei CsauszRotherfalke Magic Moment at Starshot Wirehair United Kingdom 03-07-2003
Travaillant Faith 14964 female Gonegos Lascelles Of GriptonGonegos Csardas At Janousa Wirehair United Kingdom 08-09-2005
Woodybrook Sophie 301142 female Lord Vincent Of Oakenshaw At HuntstaffWoodybrook Evie Wirehair United Kingdom 03-09-2017