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Name ID Reg# Sex Sire Dam Breed Country of birth Born (D/M/Y)
Gonegos Rez 13979 male Zachary des Champs des Dunes At GonegosGonegos Swaledale Wirehair United Kingdom 08-12-2002
Gwaithmaes Shameless 46425 male Zöldmáli Dukat at GonegosGamepoint Cupcake Of Gwaithmaes Wirehair United Kingdom 20-11-2011
Hajsza Zöldmáli 101745 JR 70161 MV male Zöldmáli HubaZöldmáli Lepke Wirehair Serbia and Montenegro (Yugoslavia) 15-03-2014
Ragnolds River 86572 KC AQ01900501 male Tordaszigeti NótásRagnolds Corvina Wirehair United Kingdom 27-04-2013
Silvanus Hang Cool Tedy Bear 100401 male Odd Job Of BlamtrineverSilvanus Modesty Blaise Wirehair United Kingdom 24-05-2014
Dalby Fern 46192 female Zöldmáli IramTravaillant Beersheba Wirehair United Kingdom 14-02-2011
Goldring Larkee 36323 female Rotherfalke PasztoRotherfalke Kezdo Jatekos Wirehair United Kingdom 10-08-2010
Millsey Alexa 230024 female Rókahidi AldóOlin Garamparty Of Millsey Wirehair United Kingdom 16-04-2017
Rotherfalke Magic Moment at Starshot 6221 female Quodian's ZanthosLanspar Monika of Gavic Wirehair United Kingdom 25-06-1999
Stjust Tamarisk 14644 female Bareve Golden Eagle at RainscoteValcor Aysha Wirehair United Kingdom 19-07-2004
Zöldmáli Sári 89462 female Tangrams Cotton Eye JoeHejöcsabai Pikáns Wirehair Hungary 03-09-2012