Links for inbreeding analysis and calculations are found beneath the pedigree.


Martinsen's West Bound
Shiloh Cash Jackpot

Shiloh's Enforcer

Cherokee's Jazzmin of Shiloh / Shiloh's Jazzmin

Martinsen's Lil Pheasant Popper
Sir Peter Illini
Pheasant Poppers Maxine

Wall Canyon Fiery Red Ruby

Martinsen's Mo River Reggie

Kivalo's Milo Man At Martinsen

Martinsen's Lil Pheasant Popper

Wall Canyon Hillbillie Ripley's Believe It or Not / W C Hillbillie's Ripley
Hillbillie's Omaha Hero

Hillbillie Shiloh Southern Reckonin / Shiloh Southern Reckonin
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.

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