Am DC Piper's Upwind of Bunker Hill

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Registration#: AKC SN44934405
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 10 MAY 1997
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 11.630%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Elizabeth deForest [ Upwind ],
Valerie Piper,
Valerie Piper,
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Good

OFA: VZ-6288G24M

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Am DC Piper's Upwind of Bunker Hill

Am DC AFC Upwind Chas'n My Jason

Am DC Rebel Rouser E T HOF

Rebel Rouser Bandieto * HOF

Am DC Rebel Rouser Duke HOF
Rebel Rouser Penny
Rebel Rouser Star

Rebel Rouser Bandieto * HOF
Rebel Rouser B Nuts

Am Ch Sippican Upwind Gold Batea JH VC ROM

Am DC AFC Riverbend Deacon's Dandy CD ROM VC HOF

Am/Can Ch Valhi's Stick to Your Guns CD VC HOF

Am Ch Oakleaf's Rebel Rouser Image ROM

AFC FC NAFC Piper's Sippican Gold Rush
Duke Winston of Marlborough JH
Piper's Atilla The Hen CDX JH
Am FC AFC Barbenpiper Beaconhill Bess Piper's Cape Cod Clipper

Am FC AFC NAFC NFC Sam's Star-Buck

Am DC Sir Amber Sam
Randy's Misty-Morn
Lady Rhapsody

Am FC AFC Futaki Gippen's Cullen
Piper's Lady Abigail

Am DC AFC Camelot's Capricious Caper

Am FC AFC Futaki Gippen's Cullen

Am DC AFC Bratt's FK Gippen

Am FC Futaki Lenke
Piper's Lady Abigail

Rebel Rouser Bandieto * HOF
Piper's Lady Lucy

Mating Partners: 12
Barben's Joyful 'N Triumphant
Barben's Giorgio Red
Broad Run Blaze
Beresford's Princess Teaulait
Tonka's Wee Piper
Semperfi Daisy Mae
Piper's Sunchaser Windmiller
Sippican Oliver's Adlib
Klarika Paprika
Piper's Juris Prudence
Upwind Bacardi Ivi
Madison Lowry

Offspring: 92
Barben's Bold Venture
Barben's Brokers Trip
Barben's Bubbling Over
Barben's Cannonade
Barben's Charismatic
Barben's Citation
Barben's Curious George
Barben's Ella Enchanted
Barben's Foolish Pleasure
Barben's Go For Gin
Barben's Harry Potter
Barben's Huckleberry Finn
Barben's Johnny Tremain
Barben's Quail Song
Barben's Strike The Gold
Barben's Unbridled
Barben's Willy Wonka
Barben's Winning Colors
Barben's Wizard of Oz
Baxter Piper Goodman
Bela Piper
Broad Run's Blazin' Sierra
Broad Run's Blazing Delight
Broad Run's Blazn Vitesse
Broad Run's Callalily
Broad Run's Lilly of Hawthorne
Broad Run's Mr. Magoo
Broad Run's Trail Blazin Boone
Cambra's Mylorious Piper
Cape East Razzle Dazzle
Cape East's Piper Foxy Roxanne
Chatam Piper Gray
Chestnut Piper Currie
Cliffside's Harvey Wallbanger
Copper Geronimo Maxwell
Daisy Huddleston
Downisland Skeebo
Freeman's Bingle Belle
Gizi Of Crystal Creek
Hillcrest Farm Quest
Hunter VIII
Janmac's Apollo of Oxbow Bay
Kellar Sutton Overlook 300
Kinga (AKC)
Klarika's Pink Rozsita
Lady Sydney
Lady Yukiko of Cape Cod
Little White Boy Buster
Lulu Belle of the Bayou
Madison's Caramel Delightning
Madison's Ophelia Step'n Toz
Madison's Scarlet Snif'n Noz
Magda Piper's Princess of the North *
Minni Piper Batt
Mosley Currie
Phinney's Kiply Piper
Piper's Back Bay Biddy
Piper's Back Bay Digger
Piper's Beacon
Piper's Cape Cod Scout
Piper's Nantucket Nell
Piper's Search For E.T.
Piper's Sprite of Gull Pond
Piper's Tender Comfort
Pipers Field of Riley
Pipers Lovable Lucy
Pollacks Sual Sofie
Rez Sandhu Bilger
Rocky Moutnain
Ruby Marcus
Semper Fi Bunkers Bodi PM
Semper Fi Princess Laird
Semper Fi Super Trooper
Sippican Red Rock Jake
Sippican Sam I Am
Sippican's Grandview Annie
Sippican's Roscoe PC
Sippican's Tiller of Hyannisport
Sippicans Beantown Betty
Stella Roccoco of Oak Hill
Stormy Eaken
Stow's Tazmanian Devil
Teaulait's Belle Toujours
Teaulait's HRJ Tu Suite
Teaulait's HRN Rochambeau
Teaulait's Hrs Kobe
Teaulait's Parker Posey Girl
Vinny Patch Piper Mead
Zuzu's Petals
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Siblings: 4
Upwind Piper's Best Yet
Upwind Piper's Red Rufus
Upwind Rodan
Upwind Top Flight

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