Can Ch Toldin's Own Rip Red Flyer FD NAVHDA NA Pz I

Registration#: AKC SR07362603 / CKC MS832362 / NAVHDA VI-000359
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 21 SEP 2002
Date of Death: OCT 2012
Country of Birth: Canada
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 3.425%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Good
Cause of Death: Unknown

OFA: VZ-9007G26M-PI

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Can Ch Toldin's Own Rip Red Flyer FD NAVHDA NA Pz I

Can Gr/Am Ch Bajnok Dances With Falcons FD JH CGN ROM
Am Ch Boumans Against The Wind CD MH NA ROM

Am DC Oakleaf's Screamin' Demon VC ROM

Am FC AFC Willie's Russet Duke

Am Ch Piper's Peppermint Patti CD ROM VC

Am Ch Boumans Oakleaf Rhiannon UDX SH VC

Am DC AFC Riverbend Deacon's Dandy CD ROM VC HOF

Am Ch Oakleaf's Whistlin' Dixie CD SH VC ROM HOF
Can Ch Flockati's Dash Of Paprika Can CDX FD/Am CDAm/Can Ch Bajos Kis Sarga Barat Tate Am/Can CD NA NAJ ROM

Am Ch Willo Runn's Red Baron ROM
Am Ch Kezdets Kis Magyar Leany CD ROM
Can Ch Heelmark Soupcon De Muscade CDX

Am Ch Willo Runn's Bold Brigadier
Heelmark's Dontcha Payback
Can Ch Onpoint's Steel Magnolia FDJ

Am DC AFC Red Oak's Stormin Norman MH ROM HOF

Am DC AFC Behi Red Chief JH ROM HOF

AFC Am DC Paradox Remarqueable Jake ROM

Am Ch Behi Razmataz
Am Ch Keystone's Jackie Has Class

Am Ch Willo Runn's Red Baron ROM

Am Ch Deacon's Keystone Singing Nun

Can Ch Onpoint's Jackie D FD

Am FC AFC NFC Fieldway's Jack Daniels ROM HOF
Fieldways Mr Murphy
Rebel Rouser Best Bet
Can Ch Onpoints Tempestuous Viper FD CD AGN CGN

Ridge Runner Sadie

Mating Partners: 6
Onpoint's Hanging Judge
Pitypang Norma
Agyol Rozsancain's Vod Spirit
Vanda Banda Iman Mini
Vizslavilla's Indigo Lucy
Bonneterre Blazin Pot Liquor

Offspring: 79
Agyol Beau
Agyol Beautiful Sophia
Agyol Cloud Flyer
Agyol Finlay
Agyol Finnegan Mt Pbody
Agyol Kassa Rosabelle
Agyol Red Chili Pepper
Agyol Vizsla Rotchell
Bonneterre Ripblaz Amber
Bonneterre Ripblaz Copper
Bonneterre Ripblaz Dexter
Bonneterre Ripblaz Honey
Bonneterre Ripblaz Trinity
Bonneterre Ripblaze Anastazia
Bonneterre Ripblaze Cody
Bonneterre Ripblaze Csardas
Bonneterre Ripblaze Geist
Bonneterre Ripblaze Ginger
Bonneterre Ripblaze Kava
Bonneterre Ripblaze Miska
Bonneterre Ripblaze Red Baron
Bonneterre Ripblaze Ruger
Bonneterre Ripblaze Tucker
Bonneterre Ripblaze Zora
Bonneterre Ripstone Mermaid
Bonneterre Ripstone Red Pepper
Bonneterre Ripstone Rev Er Up
Bonneterre Ripstone Sandor
Bonneterre Ripstone Squidjiggee
Bonneterre Ripstone's Cayenne
Bonneterre Ripstone's Dexter
Bonneterre Ripstone's Tye
Bonneterre Ripstones Red Rock
Bonneterre Tennessee Waltz
Kiera's Gem Of A Jewel
Kiera's Magic Willow
Kiera's Oliver Twist
Kiera's Rip Nash
Vizslavilla Rip Lucy Sadie
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Vizslavilla's Amazing Maya
Vizslavilla's Apo Laszlo
Vizslavilla's Aporka
Vizslavilla's Asz
Vizslavilla's Playboy Fred
Vizslavilla's Pretty Girl Lucy
Vizslavilla's Rip Aszu
Vizslavilla's Rip Lucy Alexa
Vizslavilla's Rip Lucy Diego
Vizslavilla's Rip Lucy Ginger
Vizslavilla's Rip Lucy Keshka
Vizslavilla's Rip Lucy Lilly
Vizslavilla's Rip Lucy Max
Vizslavilla's Rip Lucy Ruby
Vizslavilla's Rip Lucy Tiberius
Vizslavilla's Rip Mini Bode
Vizslavilla's Rip Mini Fiona
Vizslavilla's Rip Mini Mjay
Vizslavilla's Rip Mini Rambo
Vizslavilla's Rip Mini Tika
Vizslavilla's Rip Mini Wendel
Vizslavilla's Rip Red Ryder
Vizslavilla's Ripilucy Lacey
Vizslavilla's Ripilucy Skylar
Vizslavilla's Ripilucy Watson
Vizslavilla's Ripper Mini Mako
Vizslavilla's Ripper Mini Odi
Vizslavilla's Ripper Mini Rue
Vizslavilla's Ripper Spencer
Vizslavilla's Sage Mtn Cooper
Vizslavillas Rip Beauty Dallas
Vizslavillas Ripper Min Callie
Vizslavillas Ripper Min Gingerr
Vizslavillas Ripper Min Maggie
Vizslavillas Ripper Sandy Lake
Vizslavillas Ripper Voltaire
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Siblings: 13
Toldin Steel's Legend Builder
Toldin's Own Absolut Rogue
Toldin's Own Altin Kaya
Toldin's Own Aranyos Csaba
Toldin's Own Edes Hudson
Toldin's Own Gold Label
Toldin's Steel Framed Beauty
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Toldin's Steel Sparks
Toldin's Steel The Gold
Toldin's Steel Your Heart
Toldins Steel Incoming Missle
Toldins Steel Wisconsin Badger

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