Am Gr/Can Ch Kizmar Fabulous Friday ROM

Call Name: Cupid

picture of dog
Registration#: AKC SN93340603
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 8 JAN 2003
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 8.860%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Kathy Rust [ Kizmar ],
Kathy Rust [ Kizmar ],
Sue Lynch,
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Fair
Elbows: OFA-Normal
Health Notes: DNA profile: V273484

OFA: VZ-9042F24M-PI

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Am Gr/Can Ch Kizmar Fabulous Friday ROM

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Mating Partners: 15
Kizmar Ice Potion
Jackpot's Alrighty
Szizlin's Ain't She Inspir'n
Lady Jazzberry Of Brazenrock
Zenith Thrill Of The Illusion
Szerenade's Grand Debut
Poquito's Regalpoint Rubi Tiara
Rebel Rouser Spirit Of Th'Dance
Jakra's Flirtn With Temptation
Kizmar Fire N Ice
Rhapsody's For Your Eyes Only
Pagliacci Kizmar Simply Naughty
Szikra's Flagrant Fowl
Kizmar Stormwinds It Started With A Kiss
Witzke's Crumpet Is All's Well That Ends Well

Offspring: 88
Aislinn's Cupid's Taylor Made
Aislinn's In The Red
Aislinn's No Ordinary Girl
Aislinn's R R Mr. Howjado
Aislinn's R R Second To None
Aislinn's Red Tag Special
Brazenrock Destiny Of Jazzbrry
Flirtn IsAs Flirtn Does Jasper
Jackpot Alright Already
Jackpot Marshall Tucker
Jackpot's Aces High
Jackpot's Going Going Gone
Jackpot's J&C's Freeborn Trapper
Jackpot's Rusty Revenge
Jakra's Flirtn With Destiny
Jakra's Flirtn With Disaster
Jakra's Flirtn With Liebchen
Jakra's Flirtn With My Twitchy Palm
Jakra's Flirtn With Ollie
Jakra's Flirtn With The Boys
Jazzberry Say You Say Me
Jazzberrys Oh Say Can You See
Kizmar Anything Goes
Kizmar Bang Bang
Kizmar Born This Way
Kizmar Chilled Icing
Kizmar Do What You Want
Kizmar Doran It Started At Rawley Point
Kizmar Doran It Started In A Galaxy Far Far Away
Kizmar Doran It Starts With Zen
Kizmar Doran Let's Get This Party Started
Kizmar Doran Look What You Started
Kizmar Doran Pm True From The Start
Kizmar Doran Start Your Engines
Kizmar Firefly
Kizmar Ice Cold Chili Peppers
Kizmar Ice Storm
Kizmar Icicle Twist
Kizmar Just Dance
Kizmar Live For Th'Applause
Kizmar Mystic Ice
Kizmar On Ice
Kizmar Poker Face
Kizmar Starstruck
Kizmar The Iceman Charlie
Pagliacci Kizmar Simply Sinful
Pagliacci Kizmar Twist'n Sidekick
Pagliacci Kizmar Wild Wicked Weekend
Regal Point Haleakala Thunder
Regal Point Hawaiian Punch
Regal Point Ikaika Loa Walaka
Regal Point Konane
Regal Point Luau Lucy
Regal Point Molokini
Regal Point Pinnacle Of Kilauea
Regal Point Princess Pele
Regal Point Wind on Wailea
Rhapsody Kizmar Hold On To Your Heart
Rhapsody's Heart of Gold
Rhapsody's Hearts On Fire
Rhapsody's Hungry Heart
Szerenade Cooper
Szerenade Copper Blue
Szerenade Hollywood Holly Go Lightly
Szerenade Tuggin At My Heart
Szerenade's A Little More Bliss
Szerenade's Red Rocket Glare
Szerenades Ellie Mae Valentine
Szikra's After Eight
Szikra's Figgy Pudding
Szikra's Frrrozen Hot Chocolate
Szikra's Goin 4 Smore
Szikra's Gooseberry Fool
Szikra's Pumpkin Bread
Szikra's Skor
Tivoliz Now Be Mine
Tivoliz Now On Target
Tivoliz Now Pay Attention
Tivoliz Now Presenting Riley
Tivoliz Now We're Talkin'
Witzke's James Brothers Frank *
Witzke's James Brothers Jesse *
Zenith That's What I Like About Huey
Zenith What A Bolt of Lightning
Zenith What Happens Here Stays Here
Zenith What's The Rush
Zenith's Whats on Tap
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Siblings: 3
Kizmar Friday Rocks
Kizmar Thursday Cindy Lu Who

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