Am DC AFC Lakeside Luke Skywalker MH ROM

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Registration#: AKC SF256413
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 28 MAY 1988
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 11.355%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
George Noren,
George Noren,
John Parod,
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Fair

OFA: VZ-3301F30M

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Am DC AFC Lakeside Luke Skywalker MH ROM

Am DC Rebel Rouser E T HOF

Rebel Rouser Bandieto * HOF

Am DC Rebel Rouser Duke HOF

Haans v Selle HOF

Am FC Weedy Creek Dutches / Weedy Creek Duchess HOF
Rebel Rouser Penny

Am DC Rebel Rouser Duke HOF

Am FC Weedy Creek Dutches / Weedy Creek Duchess HOF
Rebel Rouser Star

Rebel Rouser Bandieto * HOF

Am DC Rebel Rouser Duke HOF
Rebel Rouser Penny
Rebel Rouser B Nuts

Am DC Rebel Rouser Duke HOF
Rebel Rouser Arrow

Lakeside Tizzie Whiz-Bang MH ROM

Am Ch My-T-Hi Jessie James NAVHDA NA Pz I / UT Pz II

Am DC AFC NFC NAFC Brook's Willie Whompum HOF

Am DC AFC Can/Mex Ch Sir Lancelot HOF

Am DC AFC Brook's Amber Mist HOF

Am Ch Piper's Mystical Gypsy Lady

Rebel Rouser Bandieto * HOF

Am Ch Gretl von Tatabanya CD ROM
Lakeside Tigger Selle Frederick von Selle

Am FC Bullet v Selle
Lakeside Amy Selle
Natasha Amy Selle

Am Ch Piper's Tijuana Red UD ROM
Lakeside Amy Selle

Mating Partners: 17
RK's Tanner Schmidt Seeta
H R Stalker Athena
Csardas Classy Sassy
Rebel Rouser vom Sparkenholz
Rebel Rouser Ladys Choice
Sundance Wind River Ryka
Matchpoints Sweet Emmy Lu
Kv Electra Of Russet Leather
Jaymar's Red Rocker Cherry
Otter Creek's Deelight
Rebel Rouser Callie
Stark's Anna Belle
Csardas Steelhead River Run
Aspen Trails Diamond Sky
Fourwinds Sparkling Sophie
Lakeside Annie Get Yer Gun
Jasmine's Rebel Rouser

Offspring: 98
Alexis Gift of the Magyars
Angie's Jasmine Belle
Aspen's Dallas Diamond Flower
Bubba's A Rebel Rouser
Burg's Birddog Annie
Clearcut Achin' To Be
Clearcut Amigo Mio
Clearcut Baron Jac
Clearcut Bob
Clearcut Born Ezekiel
Clearcut Brandy
Clearcut Jaymar Kovet
Csardas Alizarin Light Sabre
Csardas Autumn Amber Ale
Csardas Carson Of Washoe
Csardas Catch-N-Release
Csardas Clever Kyla
Csardas Emerson Johnston
Csardas Grace Under Fire
Csardas Hell-O' Dolly
Csardas Kamikaze Zazie
Csardas Lady Jane of Bay
Csardas Lakeside Leia
Csardas Lakeside Ms Teak
Csardas Lakeside Zephyr
Csardas Mellow Merlot Magic
Csardas Prince Kato
Csardas Spurs And Latigo
Csardas Steelhead Winter Blues
D and B Red Typhoon
D. Greta Reb Rouser
Desert Jackson Browndawg
H R Stalker Thor
HR Stalkr Zues
Ha Ja Rebel Rouser Spice
Hoover Rebel Rouser Ross
Jasmine Mya
Jasmines Little Megan
Jessie Jayne
Kemp's Jackson Burlap
Lady Lexus Wind Dancer
Lakeside Amy-Annie's Hope
Lakeside Arlo Guthrie Lavoie
Lakeside Double 'n' Jabez
Lakeside Swanky Hanky Panky
Lakeside Willie Windwalker
Lakeside Windsor's World
Lovley Rita of Larchwood
Luke's Tanglewood Katy Did
Matchpoint's Northern Light
Matchpoint's Poise'n Ivy
Matchpoint's Sasha Sharptail
Matchpoint's Sweet Gypsy
Natasha vom Rebel Rouser
No Place Like Home Megan
Oriole's Ginger Rebel Rouser
Otter Creek's Keely
Otter Creek's Zoe
Prairie Badlands Sadie
Pret'ta'pathology Copper
Ps Chester Diamond Skywalker
Quite A Bit A Rebel Rouser
RK's Spicey Ginger
Ray Man Fuller
Rebel Rouser Cozy Cush Trini
Rebel Rouser Gunnar's Delight
Rebel Rouser Joker
Rebel Rouser Oscar
Rebel Rouser Queen
Rebel Rouser Reggie White
Red Dogwood's Wild Ginseng
Red Dogwoods I Love Lucy
Res Ipsa Loquitur
Rk's Shiny Penny
Rufous Got Yourself A Gun
Savannah Reeves
Shawnric Red Hot Chili Pepper
Shawnric's Abby
Shawnric's Kedves Miska
Shawnric's Range Rider
Sir Maximillion
Stark's August Belle of Lsls
Tanner V
Tex Hoerster
William Wildman Cody
Wind River Brick-S Bear
Wind River Butch Cassidy
Wind River Faker
Wind River Fubar
Wind River Greta
Wind River J.R.
Wind River Jake
Wind River Perdita
Wind River Prairie Star
Wind River Rose
Wind River Rusti
Wind River Sampson
Wind River Wacouta
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Siblings: 13
Alexandra Lake Side Sasha
Autumn's Golden Paige
Lakeside Annie Get Yer Gun
Lakeside Sunny Girl Selle / Lakeside Sunny Girl
Lakeside Tizzie's Jezebel
Maggie Miss Kitty
Minnesota Bartok
Power's Ellie Weena
Rachael Of Bayside
Rebel Rouser Famous Amo's
Rebel Rouser Randall
Rusty Mist of Woodland Acres
Wild Wests Peewee Herman

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