Am Ch Lyons Strike Gold CDX ROM

Call Name: Strike

Registration#: AKC SN39412102
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 28 OCT 1996
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 5.818%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Good
Eye Test: Tested 2002
Thyroid: OFA-Normal
Heart Test: OFA-Normal - Cardiologist
Health Notes: CHIC: 29832

OFA: VZ-6026G24M-T

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Am Ch Lyons Strike Gold CDX ROM

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Mating Partners: 17
Ciganyoz Dream Catcher
Hungargunn Rykiel Rose
Lyons Huntwyck Katydid
Kallmee Impetuous
Penlee Lyons Centre Stage
Lyons Carlee Of Penlee
Penlee Golden Treacle
Lyons Madison Of Skipfire
Jaunzeme's Raindrop Prelude
Lyons Violet In Red
Lyons Australian Page
Sierra's Misty Vizion
Vizion's Red Jade
Jakra's Vivid Morning Glory
Suzu N Aristotle's Sisi
Lyons Penlee Willow
Kizmar Pagliacci Really It Wasn't Me

Offspring: 93
Bonnie Wittig
Brent's Firebrand Rusty
Camo Morehead
Ciganyoz Giselle (AI)
Ciganyoz Givenchy (AI)
Ciganyoz Go Your Own Way (AI)
Herbie Higman
High Ridge's Firecracker
Hungargunn Juicy Couture (AI)
Jaunzeme Ndorratz In Sync
Jaunzeme's Cayenne Pepper Zephyr
Jaunzeme's Dakota Skye
Jaunzeme's Moon Dance Monet
Jaunzeme's Moonlight Sonata
Jaunzeme's Riverside Dream
Jaunzeme's Smooth Sailing
Jaunzeme's Talk Of Telstar
Kallmee Fourteen Karat Gold
Kallmee Norman
Kallmee The Golddigger
Kallmee Vegas
Kingston Red Rackley
Kizmar I Was Never Here
Kizmar It Must Be Kismet
Kizmar Let's Not And Say We Did
Kizmar Pagliacci Are You Telling Fibs
Kizmar Pagliacci If You've Got The Time
Lyons Alexander Strike
Lyons Centre Of Attention
Lyons Dream On
Lyons Emma Jean
Lyons Golden Vizion
Lyons In Love With Amy
Lyons Karat Top Carson
Lyons Lady Wailea
Lyons Legend In Red
Lyons Limited Edition
Lyons Missmorgan of Pleades
Lyons Nimrod
Lyons Oscar Bound
Lyons Penlee Golden Nugget
Lyons Reflection of Rhapsody
Lyons Skipfire Voros
Lyons Valerie In Red
Lyons Vanna in Red
Lyons Vivian in Red
Lyons Vizion Of Gold
Lyons Youshi Penlee Pop
Panacea's American Idol
Panacea's Big Love
Panacea's Golden Girl 24k
Panacea's Grey Anatomy
Panacea's Mad About You
Panacea's Rawhide (Rowdy)
Panacea's Sky King
Panacea's Third Watch
Pencee Scout Sunseri
Penlee Copper Flyer
Penlee Golden Blaze
Penlee IV
Penlee Islander of Lido
Penlee Rusty Rascal
Penlee V
Penlee's Harley Golden Strike
Penlee's Spicy Pumpkin
Penlee's Terracotta Sunset
Pleiades Kay Bella
Pleiades Lucy Lou
Pleiades Ocean Rusted Anchor
Pleiades Stella By Starlight
Plelades Happy Girl
Scarlett Vizion
Skipfire's E-Ticket Ride
Skipfire's Gabriela von Fish
Skipfire's Lady Jasper
Skipfire's Max
Skipfire's Navajo Show Low
Skipfire's Savannah Dallas
Skipfire's Shannon Echo
Skipfire's Spinnaker Run
Skipfire's Truman
Steve Albert
Suzu N Shannon Strike Force
Suzu Strikes A Balance Aka Dj Sam
Suzu Strikes A Match
Suzu Strikes A Pose
Suzu Strikes It Rick Aka Molly
Vizion's Barat Chasing Kimberley
Vizion's Lyon By Design
Vizion's Red Valley
Vizion's of Sugar Kane
Zoe Starlite Vizion
Zoltan (AKC)
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Siblings: 7
Lyons Cool Fire And Ice
Lyons Double O Buckshot
Lyons Keiralea Of Varazs
Lyons Kiowa Pac
Lyons Russet Leather Keresan
Lyons Simply Stunning
Lyons Skipfire Anya

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