Call Name: Raany

picture of dog
Registration#: AKC SN30312001 / FDSB 1537335
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 12 DEC 1995
Date of Death: 18 OCT 2004
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 16.092%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Robert L Hodges,
Mike T Murphy,
Kathy Murphy,
James Busch,
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Good
Cause of Death: Unknown
Health Notes: DNA profile: V70264

OFA: VZ-5674G24M

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AFC FC Lifo Riley
AFC Little Richie Whompum MH

Demetri's Richie Whompum

Am DC AFC NFC NAFC Brook's Willie Whompum HOF
Ellyns Lisle
Ginger Snap XVIII Am FC Eddie's Li'l Brown Scooter
Arra's Dixieland Tradition
Rebel Rouser Dolly IV

Am DC Rebel Rouser E T HOF

Rebel Rouser Bandieto * HOF
Rebel Rouser Star
Rebel Rouser Desperado Rebel Rouser Jackson
Rebel Rouser Rosetta
My-T-Hi North Starr

Am DC Viesoo's Prodigal Son

Am DC Rebel Rouser E T HOF

Rebel Rouser Bandieto * HOF
Rebel Rouser Star

Am Ch Viesoo's Szidi v Penlee

Am Ch Taunee's Loki Santana CD ROM HOF

Am Ch Firebrand's Constant Comment ROM HOF
Am NFC AFC Rebel Rouser's Starr

Rebel Rouser Bandieto * HOF

Am DC Rebel Rouser Duke HOF
Rebel Rouser Penny

Am FC AFC NFC Magma's Samantha Of Voros Tars HOF
Thor's Thunderer
Milehi Miss

Mating Partners: 56
Onpoints Secret Radar
Onpoints Voodoo Magic
Madison III
October Rust Black Magic
Onpoints Sugar Ray
Magyar Kutya McKinnon
JB 'N Squirt
Ginger Snap's Red Ruby
Red Ruby's Rose
Strider's TNG
Cherokee's Jazzmin of Shiloh / Shiloh's Jazzmin
Askim's True Morgan
Sable II
Shiloh Mishka's Maggie
Onpoint Raany Daze
Askim's Autumn Rebel
Foxfires Atta Toot
Miss Independence Dame
Muddy Creek Chelsea
Andrews Lil Hana
Timarkas Cinnamon
Timarka's Taita
Foxfires Mend N Fences
Lucky Seven
Golden Tekila Sunrise
Semperfi Daisy Mae
Onpoints Tempestuous Viper
Golden Molly's Morning Sun
Havoc's Chaotic Riot
Anastasia Of Rices Green Acres
Strider's Prairie Rose
Semper Fi Woods A Fire Two Kliksout
Winneshiek Sand Storm
Vizions Gypsy Rose
Max's Amazing Grace
Onpoints Deja Voo
Onpoint's Desert Storm
Burr Oak's Bo Bailey Blues
Burr Oak's Kiss Me Kate
Radoc's Towser Jo
Shiloh's Firecracker Jane
Patti's Precious Cloi
Afriande Alaka Harom
Wegler's Magyar Gypsy Queen
Suddenly Suzan Weber
Skyler Hunter Storm
III X Alady
Gabriela Rices Green Acres
Fancsali's Zsa Zsa
Reba's Southern Etiquette
Burning Bush On Abby Hill
Reigna Mae

Offspring: 484
A Bird in the Hand Baxter
Abby Rose Holka
Abigail Riot
Abigail from Rice Green Acre
Absotootly Our Dear Abby
Alaka's Sir Ruskin
Alakaraan Hurricane Rain
Alex Birdfinder Smith
Alward Lake Sadie
Amber Sundog
Angel Baby
Annie Mae Lerouge Cioni
Annuy Jo Vanwilson
Archie Trebonsky
Arpad Istvan Gedeon
Astro Afire
Atta's Lil Reese
August Raany Daze
B & Js Askim's Tm Milady Meela
Bailey V
Bailey's Bew Irish Cream
Bailey's Princess Zoe
Basalt Bluffs Copper Caper
Bass Lake Lewis
Bella IV
Bella Natale
Beretta II
Brandi Farace
Bruno II (AKC)
Buddy's Ginger Three
Burr Oak's End Of The Line
Busch's Lili Marlane
Buster Maxwell
Callie G Sanders Fehl
Captain Bailey Morgan
Casey's Runnin' Rebel
Cayenne Pepper Winter
Charley of Hawthorne Ridge
Charlie VI
Chesney Frederick Lee O'Grady
Cleo Queen Of The Field
Cliffside's Snoopy Sails
Cloverbelt's Shiloh Copper
Commander Cody III
Connoisser of Dakota Whine
Cooper III
Copper von Bootz
Cosmo Caesar Augustus Rouser
Count Kolby
Crimson's Arrieta Lady Double
Crimson's Calvin Rufus Sca
Crimson's South Pawsyrus
Crimson's Twenty Gauge Ruger
Crimson's Zero 2 60 In 5 Sec
Crossing Harper's Ferry
Cutthroat Trout
Cyrus The Virus Lapapa
Daddy's Rez Kislany
Daddy's Rez Vadasz
Dakota Ginger
Dakota Sky Crispy Bacon
Dakota XVIII
Dani's Maggie Lou
Dante III
Darby O'Gill
Darwin Arbitrage Southwood
Deja Vu
Den Mars Gemma
Deuce Is Buc Wild
Digger's Rousing Rebel
Dixie IV
Djv Buddy Vollmar
Duke Yorke of Shiloh
Duke of Duval
Dzikaplace's Thunder Chief
Eden's Leap'n Levi
Edward's Golden Gretchen Dorada
Ellington Reign
Ember Of Cedar's Fire
Emme Of Busch Farm
Eve II
Fairhill Free-Reed Howler
Faleens Sweet Sadie
Fellows Harom Tobias
Fenway's Gracie Gray
Fine Line Castaway Me
Fiona Eva
First Gunners Mate
Forsberg' Bosco Man
Gentleman Jack Johnson
George's Lil Zodiac
Geronimo Chato Cochise
Ginger Diller Ranch
Golden Amber Lekas
Golden Kobi Of Suwanee
Golden V Mojo
Golden V Smoke
Golden v Hobbe
Golyo Kasza
Gracie Mae Fehl
Gracies' Angel Molly Rc
Great Gatsby
Guldan's Jenny
Gunner Jack Dewslow
Gustav Fury
Hana's Lil Jackson
Hana's Paw Paw Sally
Hana's Phoebe Kohl Feinerman
Hanas Lil Angel
Hank Erdoodle Bengston
Hannah Salle
Havoc's Kola Nut
Havoc's Little Pandemonium
Havocs Royal Hellion
Heartland's Li'l Ms Scarlett
Heartland's Luck of the Draw
Higgins (AKC)
Hillbillies Shiloh Holy Man
Holy Cow It's Wrigley
Hunny Of Riverwoods
Hunter's Autumn Chase
Indiana II
Inga's Tigger
Isabella La Uizsla
Isabelle Blue
JB Golden Nugget
Jackpot's Rain Dancer
Jackson Two Pheasants
Jackson of Glencroft
Jade of Landfall
Jager III
Jake Askim Boudreaux
Jakpot's New Paige
Jasmine Little Cleo
Jenny's Rainy Fall
Jersey Quervo Especial Baus
Jessabell Jane Wild One
Jumpin' Jodie
Kaiser II
Kate's Code of Conduct
Kaylas Lil Casey
Kegs Royal Queen Annie
Kele The Spunky Monkey
Kick Em Up Outcast Of Shiloh
Koda Justice
Kodiak II
Lady Bela's Morning Sun
Lady Brandy
Langenfeld's Little Lucy
Laurel Mountain Scarlet
Lehua Lilu
Leia II
Leila (AKC)
Leo Mintz
Lil' Red Sadie Express
Lilly Therapy Crane
Living Water Ode To Joy
Longpoint CK Dulin
Longpoint Cruiser
Luca's Storm
Lucille Belle of the Ball
Lucy Freeburd
Lucy's Raany Daze
Mac's Last Raany Day Penny
Magnolia of Windhaven
Marcy Baby Rella Laporte
Marks Bb Butch
Mason's Southern Pride
Max IX
Max XX
Max's Rock Of Ages
Mazzafro's Zsa Zsa
Mckinley Tucker Mcbender
Mellows Princess Sadie Sue
Merlin Sterzinger
Mesa Alley Chubs
Mia (AKC)
Mia Bella
Mia Concetta Dagnino
Mia IV
Mighty Quinn's Raan
Miska Duke of Brooke
Miskole Riot Walton
Mitchell's Brown Sugar Sasha
Molly Hodgkins
Molly Under Fire
Mollys Toy Aby
Monty Zoomer Chapman
Morgan's Little Miss Evelyn
Mr Ben
Mr. Ajaz
Muddy Creek Riley
Murphy's Hunter
My Bronze Buddy Benson
My Charlie Boy
My Lexis Pride And Joy
Nash Elliot Gearig
Nellie Foxx Turco-Konya
Nelsons Whoa Bella
Nikita (AKC)
Nikki IV
Northwoods Sunset Phantasy
Nuclear Rod
Nunko's Lead Gunnar
O Mega
O Rion
October Rust Coppertones Wild
October Rust Distinction Maggie
October Rust Wicked
Old Rose Eva
Onpoint Farley Got Soul
Onpoint Raany Daze
Onpoint's Aide'n Abet
Onpoint's Autumn Reign
Onpoint's Best Dream
Onpoint's Big Dream
Onpoint's Bound For Glory
Onpoint's Bush Wacker
Onpoint's Canyonview Red
Onpoint's Casanova
Onpoint's Crazy Dream
Onpoint's Daze O Glory
Onpoint's Desert Rain
Onpoint's Double Dare
Onpoint's Ego Has Landed
Onpoint's Fields O Glory
Onpoint's Glory Daze
Onpoint's Golden Sand
Onpoint's Gotta Dream
Onpoint's Hanging Judge
Onpoint's Happy Dream
Onpoint's Here Comes The Judge
Onpoint's High Priority
Onpoint's Hope N Glory
Onpoint's Hung Jury
Onpoint's Hurricaine Rain
Onpoint's Makin Book
Onpoint's Midnight Dream
Onpoint's Miss Demeanour
Onpoint's Morning Glory
Onpoint's New Man
Onpoint's Nite Rain
Onpoint's Praise N Glory
Onpoint's Pure Glory
Onpoint's Quik Sand
Onpoint's Quintessence
Onpoint's Red Hot Dream
Onpoint's Sand Castle
Onpoint's Sand Dollar
Onpoint's Sand Dune
Onpoint's Sandman
Onpoint's Special Delivery
Onpoint's Special Dream
Onpoint's Special Edition
Onpoint's Special Girl
Onpoint's Special Package
Onpoint's Spinning Axel
Onpoint's Sugar Bear
Onpoint's Sugar Bush
Onpoint's Sugar Coated
Onpoint's Sugar Cube
Onpoint's Sugar Daddy
Onpoint's Sugar Maple
Onpoint's Sugar N Spice
Onpoint's Sugar Pie
Onpoint's Sugar Sweet
Onpoint's Sugar Twist
Onpoint's Summer Blossom
Onpoint's Summer Daisy
Onpoint's Summer Dhu
Onpoint's Summer Dream
Onpoint's Summer Flower
Onpoint's Summer Lightnin
Onpoint's Summer Nite
Onpoint's Summer Rain
Onpoint's Summer Rose
Onpoint's Summer Storm
Onpoint's Summer Thunder
Onpoint's Summer Tornado
Onpoint's Summer Wind
Onpoint's Tornado Rain
Onpoint's Tropical Rain
Onpoint's Tuff Stuff
Onpoint's Voo Watcha Doo
Onpoint's Wild Dream
Onpoint's Wild Rain
Onpoints By The Book
Onpont's Dark Rain
Oscar Wilde-Man Toles
Otto Frost
Overstreets Sadie Ann
P.K. Kopper
Paprika Mae Chardonnay
Patti's Precious Ruby
Peek A Boo
Pellack's Ginger
Penny O'Trouble
Penzerme Rices Green Acres
Petersons CT Strider
Petersons Count Gunnar
Pff No 1 Ms Lucile
Phoenix IV
Piersons Guiness on Point
Pipers Ltd Edition Laveria
Piros Kabat Hunter
Porsche Garcia Lawler
Port Royal's Rippin Red
Precious Copper Efford Go
Precious Ruby II
Princess Cayenne Ullman
Princess Jazzmin Anne
Princess Penney Pope
Princess Sassafras Of Kate
Prissy Rogers
Raany Day Grace
Raany Daze El Nora
Raany N Cedars Copper Girl
Raany's Boy Zacharias
Raany's Jade Princess
Raany's Lovin' Spoonful
Raany's Max Hunter
Raany's Maximum Tribute
Raany's Precious Jake
Raany's Rukys
Raany's Voyager
Raanyson Tuffysbro
Ralph's Duke Remembered
Rebecca's Red Buby
Red Oak Atticus Finch
Red Ruby's Rainny Day
Red Tose of Havocs Riot
Regal Ruger
Reggie II
Remington Bane Wing
Renfield Shiloh Red
Rex Orion Of Dryden Creek
Rezvoros Facan Vadasz
Rhett Butler Robinson
Ricesgreen Acres Sydney
Ricks Lil Millie
Riley IX
Riley VII
Rio Bodacious Dey
Rio Le Rouge
Romeo's Chance
Rosalyn Regalo Di Nonna
Roxianna Astrid Stars
Roxie Fanny Mae Mcguire
Ruby Bridges Sweeney
Rudolf Rudy von Salem
Ruffus II
Russo's Oscar
Rusty Jake Remington
Sabin's Copper Carly
Sadie Frances
Salt Creek Sandy
Sammie Heuser
Sandor of Semper Fi
Sasa Duchess of Brooke
Sayla Dee
Schroeder Vonrooinek
Scout 'Em Out II
Sedona Lipe
Semper Fi Running For Blue
Seraphims Sylvia Scarlett
Shanna's Sadie Girl
Shi-D-Dutchess von Darkmoor
Shiloh's Absolute
Shiloh's Jade Dragon
Shiloh's Makayla's Gold
Shiloh's My-T-Hi Maggie
Shiloh's Rommel's Blitzkrieg
Shiloh's Takablu
Sibley's Jezebel
Sir Charlie
Sir Jaden Riley Bleu Shafer
Sir Remington Of Raany
Sir Spencer of Painted Pony
Sites on Parker
Southern Dixie Delight
Stella Louisa Ruch
Strider's Generator
Strider's Grand Riley
Strider's Ivan The Great
Strider's Lena
Strider's Little Lady Duck
Strider's Piper Lovesong
Strider's Rocky Blue
Strider's Rose's Tess
Strider's Star A Blazin'
Striders Razzmatazz
Strycks Poison Ivy
Suej Lady Abby
Sunny Crump
Sunny Of Busch Farm
Sunrise Ana Raany Day
Super Duper Copper Cooper
Sweet Beau of Christmas
T Bone Shiloh Novak
T-Bone Chrisbean Kausal
Taffy Sweeter Than Pie
Tahlaira J-Mae
Taita's Ava Gabor
Taita's Little Rebel
Tanner's Big Mountain
Tasha Dot Wild Raany C
Taylor Summers Here
The Dude
The Royal Red Dog
The Talented Mr. Ripley
Tiber Creek's Bugaboo
Tiber Creek's Della S
Tiber Creek's Free Spirit
Tiber Creek's Ginger Snap
Tiber Creek's Remington
Tiber Creeks Rushcreek Darcy
Tiber Creeks Rushcreek Maggy
Tibercreek Billy Blazes
Tibercreek Rudy Giuliani
Timarkas Spice
Tory II
Tru Love Of Life
Vadasz 'Hunter' Johnson
Venus Marie
Vino Vitus Vinifera
Visa's Virago
Warrens Chaotic Riot Ammo
Wegler's Gypsy Garnet
Wegler's Gypsy Gracie
Wellington Duke Of Kent
Westwood's Hellacious Hunter
Wingmistress Remington
Winneshiek Bodhisattva
Winneshiek Dust Storm
Winneshiek Golden Hunter
Winneshiek Raany Pepper
Winneshiek Rain Storm
Winneshiek Sylvie
Winneshiek Thunder Storm
Winneshiek Tripp Skippy
Winneshiek Wrigley
Woods Afire King Fisher
Writt's Purdue Pete
Wyckies Bittersweet Abiquail
Zacarias Umay (Zac)
Zakaraany Firecracker
Zeke Alpha Piercey
Zigfield Allan
Zigfrid's Got'Em Seeing Red
Zoie Kutya Berry
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Siblings: 3
Brandi's Autumn Dream
My-T-Hi Mercedes

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