Am DC AFC Arsla And Auburn's Sunny Boy MH ROM

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Registration#: AKC SN50437701 / FDSB1544820
Sex: male
Date of Birth: 7 NOV 1997
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 1.686%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Anthony & Lois Smid [ Arsla ],
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Good

OFA: VZ-6662G26M

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Am DC AFC Arsla And Auburn's Sunny Boy MH ROM

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Mating Partners: 16
Copper Creek's Let It Be
Egri Luna Bella of Edisonia
Paradox Red Violin
Auburn's Gandy Dancer
Sasco's Meadow Lark
Starr-Point's Sunbury Sophie
Dirigo Bewitched
Rozsa Es Tokay Friska
Bowcot Lucky Fanfare
Chakra's Simply Red
Driftwood's Kyjo's Shore Thing
Cinnabar's Annie Only
Alde-Szikra The Heart Gos On
Red Oak's Glory B
Toldin Steel's Legend Builder
Fieldway's Glory Seeker

Offspring: 93
Alde's Time Brings A Tomorrow
Alde's Turn'n Back Time
Arsla & Toldin No. One Son
Auburn's Arapaho Tawa
Auburn's Arianna Almazy
Auburn's Autumn Ms Chief
Auburn's Winter Breese
Auburn's Wntrs Dream Reaghan
Bowcat Imrae Joy
Bowcot Kobe Prince of Arsla
Bowcot Willis Fanfare
Chakra Moon Shadow
Chakra's Fleetwood Mac
Chakra's Guess Who
Chakra's Lovin' Spoonful
Chakra's Newfoundglory
Chakra's Santana
Chesapeake's Bay
Cinnabar Alexandra of Sunny Meadow
Cinnabar's Because She Can
Cinnabar's Elvis
Cinnabar's Got Game
Cinnabar's Jaxson
Cinnabar's Lookout
Cinnabar's Mckinley
Cinnabar's Pasha Bella
Cinnabar's Pledge to Liberty
Cinnabar's Rudolph von Kelley
Cinnabar's Sasco Finale
Cinnabar's Sienna
Cinnabar;S Raphael
Cinnabars Aldebaran Epiphany
Cinnabars Laszlo
Cinnabars Rexanimus Traiphaz
Copper Creek III
Copper Creek Lainy
Copper Creek's CV's Whoanel'e
Copper Creek's Miss Sadie
Dirigo Seanachaidh
Edisonia's Chosen Cosmos Of Sunny Boy & Luna Bella
Edisonia's Frida Magdalena Of Caloosa Point
Edisonia's Komen Of Millington
Edisonia's Majestic Son Harley Of Sunny & Luna
Edisonia's Orion The Hunter
Edisonia's Titan Tailwagger
Fieldway's Let It Roll Again
Fieldway's Lightning Bolt
Java Fieldways Hecker
Joxer The Mighty Lionhearted
Juno Pandora Of Edisonia
Kyjo's Broderick Rusty Boy
Kyjo's Dolby
Kyjo's Lazlo
Kyjo's Precious Jewel
Kyjo's Sassy Shelby
Kyjo's Sunny Smiles
Kyjo's Treasure Hunter
Kyjo's Ziggy Stargish
Molly XI
Paradox Cody Slide N Point
Paradox Movement In Red
Paradox Sonata In Red
Paradox Topsy Turvy
Paradox's Mars Red Rover
Paradox-Miz-Lady -Ali Oops
Rozsa Aphrodite
Rozsa Apollo
Rozsa Ares
Rozsa Athena
Rozsa Odysseus
Rozsa Poseidon
Russell Lee Anderson
Sirius Gator Prince Of Edisonia
Sportik Crazy But True
Sportik Taurus Parkfield
Sportik's Anchorman
Sportik's Believe It Or Not
Sportik's Return Of Lord Vader
Sportik's Stella Artois
Starr-Point's Gustav of Glenside
Starr-Point's Pontos Sunbury La'ny
Starr-Point's Sunbury Harvest
Toldin's Kissed By The Sun
Toldin's Shooting For The Stars
Toldin's Sun Seeker
Toldin's Sun of my Life
Toldin's Sun of my Soul
Toldin's Sunny Day Believer
Toldin's Sunshine Daydream
Windy Hollow Sophie Beck
Windy Hollow Sunstone Charm
Windy Hollow's Laurel
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Siblings: 7
Anderson's Auburn Sangria
Auburn's As Good As It Gets
Auburn's Cup'a Joe
Auburn's Czardas Celebration
Auburn's Hole-In-One
Auburn's Jumping Jake
Auburn's Konnor's Honor

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