Plasy Solar System

Sex: male
Date of Birth: 20 JAN 2005
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 6.151%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Mr W & Mrs S Evans [ Plasy ],
Some medical information:
Hips: Hipscore
Hipscore: 4/3

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Plasy Solar System

Dallandor Gyorgy

Hookside Kamas At Kenazorora

Eng Sh Ch Nevedith Star of Nazareth

Eng Sh Ch Castlefield Mill Lane
Bournehouse Red Feathers

Hookside Csitri

Hookside Sor

Hookside Onyx

Eng Ch Helmlake Life At The Top with Dallandor

Int/Hun/Eng Sh Ch Kilátó-Téri Fürge Mokány of Helmlake

Int/Hun GrCh Vadászfai Kozák
Kávai Pompás (MET MV 12700)
Helmlake Keeriener

Int/Hun GrCh Csatárkai Cudar MV
Trapp Cipra of Helmlake
Shimmer In The Sun Swanton Warren Hookside Eros

Hookside Sor

Hookside Onyx
Carrot Top Elmina Tolgy
Swanton Auntiay
Galaway Raven Andy's Aftermath Galfrid Todd
Gwynsygor Ywdipidy
Brickeen Lady

Eng Sh Ch Gardenway Dramatist
Crystal Stonedown

Mating Partners: 9
Bev Beaute Of Bont
Emeraldguard Mrs Crabapple
Emeraldguard Little Penny
Summer Gold Lady
Binny Of Balamori
Snowy Shadow
Foxy Lady Of The Valley
Fancy Freda
Dyfed's Day Dream Debbie

Offspring: 121
Beech Leaf
Big Strong Boy
Binnis Boy
Boy Of The Land
Brave Lad Ralph
Brittania Lady
Brooklands Warrior
Callard Mossocks
Carmer Waters
Celtic Laddie
Chicacoo Baby
Clogau Princess
Co Co
Crazy Captain Carrot
Dazzling Russet Delight
December Dazzler
Dingo Lady
Emeraldguard Apple Jumper
Emeraldguard Crabapple
Emeraldguard Gold Solar
Emeraldguard Goldapple
Emeraldguard Mrs Appleby
Emeraldguard Solar Soldier
Eromi Pride And Joy
Frreads Delight
Halloween Harry
Heavy Gal
Henry's Hidden Heart
Hey Mo
Hitachi Harry
Hungarnas Belle
Jaja Do It Again
Joe's Russet Dream
Jojo's Rezista Flash
King Who Did It
Kool Kid
Leader of the Pack
Little Gem (UK)
Little Miss Bubbles
Mad Friday Maxine
Melindwr Martha
Melindwr Mayhem Max
Melindwr Solar System
Melindwrs Crunchy Nut
Our Golden Pearl
Penbontbren Lady Lu
Plasy Gold System
Play It Again So
Princess Gold Girl
Pumpkin Penny
Rainbow Night
Ramsays Fly By Night
Randy Red Rum
Ravens Golden Boy
Red Lady Coco
Reidol's Ace of Hearts
Reidols Quiver Shiver
Reidolvalley Bracken Lady
Reidolvalley Crunchy
Reidolvalley Dafydd
Reidolvalley Danny Boy
Reidolvalley Darky
Reidolvalley Dramatist
Reidolvalley Explorer
Reidolvalley Gwenllian
Reidolvalley Ironman
Reidolvalley Joyfull Jenny
Reidolvalley Kerry
Reidolvalley Lad
Reidolvalley Lakeside Lad
Reidolvalley Lauretta
Reidolvalley Mabel
Reidolvalley Maisie
Reidolvalley Mali
Reidolvalley Mandy
Reidolvalley Midnite Squaw
Reidolvalley Mile Runner
Reidolvalley Miss Chips
Reidolvalley Mister Chips
Reidolvalley My Pleasure
Reidolvalley Myfanwy
Reidolvalley Precious Peni
Reidolvalley Red Feather
Reidolvalley Ronaldo
Reidolvalley Rooky
Reidolvalley Rosemary
Reidolvalley Russet Robin
Reidolvalley Shimmer
Reidolvalley Stephanie
Reidolvalley Storm Ice
Reidolvalley Summer Dusk
Reidolvalley Tommy's Lad
Reidolvalley Wicked Lady
Rod's Same Old Song
Rossendale Lady Bess
Rossendale Lassie
Ruby Red Lady Ja
Rustic Pussycat Doll
Sallys Joy
Saras Red Lass
Sing A Song of Sixpence
Sky Boy
Snowtime Tommy
So Fa So Good
Solar Senatt Purlinski
Solar System of the Valley
Solar's Choice
Springtime Sandra
Star of Midnight
Sundown Sam
Sunrise Sunshine Hero
Sweet Clementine of Vizoldali
Tee Rexx
Toffee Apple Delight
Travoletters Chossen Lad
Trick Or Treater Peter
Valley's Bucks Fizz
Welsh Meadow Mandy
Welsh Rose Gold
Wondering Rosie
Ystwyth Wicked Wonder
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Siblings: 8
Plasy Bad Boy
Plasy Betty Boo
Plasy Cloudbuster
Plasy Daisy
Plasy Dirty Devil
Plasy Little Angel
Plasy Star Trooper
Plasy Sub Zero

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