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Call Name: Alley

picture of dog
Registration#: AKC SN80121303 / FDSB 1522346
Sex: female
Date of Birth: 3 JAN 2001
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Standing:
Breed: Shorthair

COI 8 gen: 15.254%    Calculate COI again
Pedigree Analysis: 8 gen. 9 gen. 10 gen.
Some medical information:
Hips: OFA-Good

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Showtime / Obvious Conclusion

Rebel Rouser Red Darby
Tigger Rudy Rebel Rouser / Rebel Rouser Tigger Rudy Haag's JTM Rebel Rouser Jackson
Rebel Rouser Dolly Girl
Rebel Rouser Annie

Am DC Rebel Rouser E T HOF
Rebel Rouser Sacajawea
Rebel Rouser Maggie May II

Am DC Rebel Rouser E T HOF

Rebel Rouser Bandieto * HOF
Rebel Rouser Star
Rebel Rouser Desperado Rebel Rouser Jackson
Rebel Rouser Rosetta
Cherokee's Midnight Breeze / The Cherokee's Midnight Breeze Cherokees Double Down / The Cherokee's Double Down Cherokee's Bluff

Am FC AFC Cherokee's Dakota / The Cherokee's Dakota
Am FC NFC Midnight Thunder Road

Betty's Hopeful Drifter

Am FC AFC High Plains Drifter
Midnight Abby Road / Abby Road KC's Thunderin Tank

Am FC AFC Magma's Mentowin

Betty's Hopeful Drifter
Mika's Spit-N-Image Pretty-Boy-Von-Duke
Princess Maza Misty Star

Mating Partners: 2
Tommy Boy

Offspring: 9
BK's Skip A Beat
Freedom Flyer
Lit'L Red Dirt Girl
Lundy's Red Bull
Redneck Primetime
Shiloh's Forgiveness
Showtime's Encore
Staying Alive
Touchdown Kid
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Siblings: 2
Rebel Rouser Red Buddy
Rebel Rouser Red Destiny

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